July 20, 2024

Top 10 Waste Management Startups in India

Discover the top 10 waste management startups in India for 2023, innovating in recycling, e-waste management, and sustainable solutions. Learn how these companies are reshaping the waste management landscape with technology and eco-conscious practices to create a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Explore India’s leading waste management startups of 2023, each pioneering innovative solutions in recycling, e-waste management, and sustainable practices. From ECOEX’s technology-driven consultancy for recycling and waste-to-energy plants to Baroda Green Minds’ community-focused door-to-door waste management services, these startups are making significant strides in promoting environmental sustainability. ECOKART TECHNOLOGY offers expertise in groundwater compliance and pollution control, while Ecosaviour Ewaste Management simplifies e-waste disposal with reverse logistics and data destruction services. EnviroAura promotes a circular economy through comprehensive waste management solutions, and Fusion Waste Management And Consultancy provides regulatory compliance and cost-effective waste management consulting. Recyvolt focuses on critical material and lithium-ion battery recycling, and Rixle contributes to organized waste management through textile recycling and dry waste solutions. Saptrishi Enviro Solutions delivers quality municipal and industrial waste management services, while World Scrap Recycling Solutions emphasizes e-waste recycling and IT refurbishing.


Overview: ECOEX, founded by Nimit Aggarwal, is dedicated to decoding the challenges of the waste management ecosystem through technology-based consultancy services.
Innovation: They specialize in setting up recycling units, waste-to-energy, and waste-to-oil plants, integrating advanced technology for sustainable solutions.
Impact: By transforming waste into valuable resources, ECOEX contributes significantly to creating a sustainable future and minimizing environmental footprints.

2. Baroda Green Minds

Overview: Owned by Keval Chhaya, Baroda Green Minds focuses on promoting awareness about proper waste management and cleanliness.
Innovation: Their services include door-to-door waste management, segregated waste recycling, and other cleanliness-related practices.
Impact: These initiatives enhance sustainable solid-waste management and promote a cleaner environment in communities.


Overview: Led by Debasis Suara, ECOKART TECHNOLOGY is transforming the waste management landscape with eco-conscious solutions.
Innovation: They offer services such as groundwater compliance, expert environmental auditing, and pollution control, focusing on sustainable practices.
Impact: Their comprehensive approach ensures environmental protection and promotes sustainable waste management practices across various sectors.

4. Ecosaviour Ewaste Management

Overview: Directed by Siddharth Jain, Ecosaviour Ewaste Management is committed to managing e-waste production in a sustainable manner.
Innovation: They provide services like EPR, reverse logistics, and data destruction, simplifying e-waste disposal.
Impact: Their efforts raise awareness about sustainable e-waste management and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

5. EnviroAura

Overview: Headed by Dheeraj Kumar and Pratima Prajapati, EnviroAura offers comprehensive environmental and sustainable development services.
Innovation: Their solutions include solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, and root zone wastewater treatment.
Impact: By promoting a circular economy, EnviroAura helps achieve sustainable waste management and resource conservation.

6. Fusion Waste Management And Consultancy

Overview: Amit Mishra leads Fusion Waste Management And Consultancy, which provides a wide range of waste management consulting services.
Innovation: They offer regulatory compliance and cost-effective solutions to public and government sectors.
Impact: Their services promote circular economy practices and ensure effective waste management and sustainability.

7. Recyvolt

Overview: Co-founded by Rajesh Rasalkar, Recyvolt focuses on critical material and lithium-ion battery recycling.
Innovation: They offer consulting and training services aimed at reducing carbon footprints in the electric and automobile industries.
Impact: Recyvolt’s recycling services support energy transition and sustainability in the recycling industry, promoting environmental conservation.

8. Rixle

Overview: Nikhil Sakhare’s Rixle aims to create a healthy environment through textile recycling and dry waste management services.
Innovation: They effectively collect, sort, and recycle waste materials, contributing to an organized waste management system.
Impact: Their efforts lead to a cleaner environment and sustainable waste management practices.

9. Saptrishi Enviro Solutions

Overview: Managed by Mohit Dwivedi, Saptrishi Enviro Solutions is committed to providing quality waste management solutions.
Innovation: They offer services for municipal and industrial waste management, sanitary landfills, and wastewater management.
Impact: Their comprehensive waste management services ensure effective waste treatment and environmental protection.

10. World Scrap Recycling Solutions

Overview: Founded by T K Baskaran, World Scrap Recycling Solutions creates awareness about reusing and recycling waste.
Innovation: They provide innovative e-waste management services such as e-waste recycling, IT refurbishing, and media sanitization.
Impact: Their efforts in minimizing waste and promoting recycling contribute to a sustainable future and reduced environmental impact.

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