July 20, 2024
Discover the top 10 WaterTech startups in India revolutionizing water management. From IoT-enabled solutions to decentralized wastewater treatment and solar-powered irrigation, these innovative companies are addressing critical water challenges with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, ensuring efficient water use, conservation, and access to clean water across the country.

India faces significant water management challenges, but innovative startups are rising to the occasion with cutting-edge solutions. This article highlights the top 10 WaterTech startups in India, each making significant strides in areas like IoT-enabled water management, decentralized wastewater treatment, AI-powered solutions, sustainable groundwater management, solar-powered irrigation, portable water purification, industrial wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, and more. These startups are not only addressing critical water issues but are also promoting sustainability and efficiency across the country.

1. SmartOzean

Overview: SmartOzean, based in Bengaluru and founded in 2018, offers IoT-enabled water management solutions.
Innovation: They provide real-time monitoring of water quality and usage through advanced sensors and analytics, enabling optimized water consumption and prompt leak detection.
Impact: By helping industries and municipalities conserve water resources effectively, SmartOzean is instrumental in promoting sustainable water management practices.

2. TreatMe

Overview: TreatMe, established in Mumbai in 2017, focuses on decentralized wastewater treatment solutions.
Innovation: Their modular systems are designed for residential and commercial complexes, allowing efficient treatment and recycling of wastewater.
Impact: TreatMe reduces the burden on centralized treatment facilities, promoting water sustainability and conservation across urban and rural areas.

3. WEGoT

Overview: WEGoT, founded in Chennai in 2015, specializes in AI-powered water management for buildings.
Innovation: Their smart water meters track consumption patterns and detect leaks automatically, providing predictive maintenance capabilities.
Impact: WEGoT’s solutions lead to significant water and cost savings, enhancing the efficiency of water usage in residential and commercial properties.

4. Jaljeevika

Overview: Jaljeevika, launched in Delhi in 2019, focuses on sustainable groundwater management.
Innovation: They use AI algorithms to predict aquifer behavior and optimize groundwater extraction, working closely with local communities and farmers.
Impact: Jaljeevika helps prevent over-extraction of groundwater, ensuring its long-term availability and supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

5. Claro Energy

Overview: Claro Energy, based in Gurgaon since 2011, provides solar-powered irrigation solutions.
Innovation: Their solar pumps and drip irrigation systems enable sustainable water access for farmers, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.
Impact: Claro Energy’s innovations enhance agricultural productivity and conserve groundwater, benefiting both the environment and farmers’ livelihoods.

6. Sibi

Overview: Sibi, established in Chennai in 2016, offers portable water purification systems.
Innovation: Their devices utilize advanced filtration and UV technology to purify water from various sources, making clean drinking water accessible.
Impact: Sibi’s affordable solutions cater to rural and urban households, improving public health by ensuring access to safe drinking water.

7. Cleantech Water

Overview: Cleantech Water, based in Mumbai since 2012, focuses on industrial wastewater treatment.
Innovation: They combine membrane technology with biological processes to treat wastewater effectively, meeting stringent regulatory standards.
Impact: Cleantech Water’s scalable systems serve diverse industries, promoting compliance and environmental sustainability in wastewater management.

8. TaraAqua

Overview: TaraAqua, founded in Pune in 2014, specializes in rainwater harvesting and storage solutions.
Innovation: They design and install systems to capture and store rainwater for various uses, enhancing water conservation.
Impact: TaraAqua’s initiatives support urban resilience against water scarcity, promoting sustainable water use in domestic and industrial sectors.

9. Sarvajal

Overview: Sarvajal, launched in New Delhi in 2008, operates decentralized solar-powered water purification units.
Innovation: Their pay-per-use model ensures affordability and sustainability, providing clean drinking water in underserved rural and peri-urban areas.
Impact: Sarvajal improves water access and public health in remote regions, leveraging solar energy to deliver safe drinking water.

10. Hydrotec Solutions

Overview: Hydrotec Solutions, established in Pune in 2013, offers IoT-based agricultural water management platforms.
Innovation: Their systems monitor soil moisture and weather conditions to optimize irrigation schedules, enhancing water use efficiency in farming.
Impact: Hydrotec Solutions’ technology boosts crop yields and conserves water resources, supporting sustainable agricultural practices and food security.

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