July 20, 2024

Top 10 Social Impact Startups in India

A social impact startup is dedicated to creating positive change by addressing pressing societal and environmental challenges through innovative solutions. These ventures integrate social good into their core business models, leveraging technology, sustainable practices, and community engagement to enhance lives and promote sustainability. By prioritizing impact alongside profitability, social impact startups strive to solve issues such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation, fostering a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

A social impact startup is a venture that prioritizes making a positive difference in society through its core business activities. Unlike traditional businesses solely focused on profit, social impact startups integrate social or environmental missions into their business models. They aim to address specific societal challenges such as poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, education access, healthcare improvement, or community development. These startups often employ innovative approaches, technologies, and partnerships to create scalable solutions that bring about meaningful and measurable change. By aligning financial success with social impact, they contribute to building a more equitable and sustainable world.

1.Lorraine Music

Overview: Lorraine Music aims to democratize music education globally by providing a single platform similar to Duolingo, emphasizing accelerated learning through gamification and personalized experiences.

Innovation: The platform innovates by integrating interactive, gamified elements into music education, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. It promises faster learning rates compared to traditional methods, catering to a global audience.

Impact: Lorraine Music potentially broadens access to music education, enabling individuals worldwide to develop musical skills efficiently. By leveraging technology and personalized learning paths, it aims to empower aspiring musicians and foster creativity on a global scale.


Overview: GoWow is a social service app that connects volunteers with opportunities matching their interests and values, incentivizing social contributions and community engagement.

Innovation: The app innovates by centralizing various social service opportunities into one platform, using technology to match volunteers with suitable projects efficiently. It offers incentives to encourage sustained participation and impact.

Impact: GoWow addresses the challenge of connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities, potentially increasing community engagement and driving positive social change. By facilitating easier access to volunteering, it supports diverse social causes and promotes active citizenship.

3.KMN Environmental Impact Pvt Ltd

Overview: KMN focuses on post-consumer waste management and empowering women through sustainable practices, adhering to Circular Economy principles and SDG alignment.

Innovation: The startup innovates by combining waste management solutions with social empowerment initiatives for women, contributing to environmental sustainability and economic development.

Impact: KMN contributes to reducing environmental impact through effective waste management while empowering women with livelihood opportunities. By promoting sustainability practices, it supports local communities and contributes to achieving broader SDGs.

4.Kallpoosh Foundation

Overview: Kallpoosh Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of economically and socially underprivileged communities in India, focusing on ESG criteria.

Innovation: The foundation innovates by collaborating with ESG-focused companies to implement impactful initiatives that uplift marginalized communities, focusing on holistic development and livelihood improvement.

Impact: Kallpoosh Foundation’s initiatives aim to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged populations, promoting sustainable growth and social inclusion. By addressing socio-economic challenges, it works towards creating a more equitable society.

5.Primex Software

Overview: Primex Software addresses food waste and hunger issues through technological solutions, aiming to make significant impacts in food sustainability.

Innovation: The startup innovates by developing technologies that optimize food distribution, reduce waste, and increase access to nutritious food, thereby tackling food insecurity effectively.

Impact: Primex Software’s solutions contribute to reducing food waste and improving food security, potentially benefiting vulnerable populations globally. By leveraging technology, it promotes sustainable food practices and supports environmental conservation efforts.

6.Tendryl Products

Overview: Tendryl Products provides sanitary napkin vending and disposal machines to promote menstrual health management and hygiene across non-household settings in India.

Innovation: The startup innovates by integrating technology into menstrual hygiene management, ensuring access to sanitary products and responsible waste disposal solutions.

Impact: Tendryl Products aims to enhance menstrual health and hygiene for women in various public settings, addressing a critical need and promoting dignity and inclusivity. By providing accessible solutions, it supports women’s health and well-being.


Overview: ZorSpeaker is a storytelling agency helping businesses build brands through strategic storytelling approaches tailored for startups.

Innovation: The agency innovates by focusing on holistic brand storytelling strategies, distinguishing itself from traditional advertising by emphasizing narrative coherence and brand authenticity.

Impact: ZorSpeaker’s tailored storytelling helps startups communicate effectively, fostering brand loyalty and engagement. By crafting compelling narratives, it enhances brand perception and market positioning.

8.The Bamboowala

Overview: The Bamboowala utilizes Indian bamboo resources to create eco-friendly products, promoting sustainability in the global bamboo industry.

Innovation: The startup innovates by developing sustainable products from bamboo, contributing to environmental conservation and supporting local communities dependent on bamboo resources.

Impact: The Bamboowala’s eco-friendly products reduce reliance on non-renewable materials, promoting sustainable consumption patterns. By supporting bamboo cultivation, it stimulates local economies and fosters environmental stewardship.


Overview: pasthi.com democratizes news by enabling citizen journalism, allowing individuals to share diverse stories and perspectives globally.

Innovation: The platform innovates by empowering everyday citizens to participate in news creation, offering a decentralized approach to storytelling and news dissemination.

Impact: pasthi.com promotes media diversity and citizen engagement, potentially fostering a more informed and inclusive public discourse. By amplifying diverse voices, it supports democratic values and community empowerment.


Overview: DriveCarma promotes road safety by incentivizing safe driving habits among car and motorbike users through a smart app.

Innovation: The startup innovates by using technology to monitor driving behavior and reward safe practices, aiming to reduce accidents and save lives on the road.

Impact: DriveCarma’s app encourages safer driving behaviors, potentially reducing road accidents and improving overall traffic safety. By incentivizing responsible driving, it promotes a culture of road safety awareness and compliance.

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