July 20, 2024
Discover India's top 10 GreenTech startups leading the charge in sustainable innovation. From solar energy solutions and carbon capture technology to AI-driven energy analytics and waste management robotics, these companies are revolutionizing environmental conservation. Explore how these startups are making a significant impact by promoting renewable energy adoption, reducing carbon footprints, and enhancing energy efficiency across industries.

Explore the forefront of GreenTech innovation with India’s top 10 startups dedicated to sustainable solutions. From pioneering solar energy companies like ZunRoof and Mango Power to advanced carbon capture specialists such as Carbon Clean Solutions, these startups are reshaping environmental sustainability. With a focus on energy efficiency, waste management robotics, and AI-driven solutions for conservation, they are driving impactful changes across industries, promoting cleaner energy alternatives, and contributing to a greener future for India and beyond.


  • Overview: ZunRoof specializes in solar energy solutions for residential and commercial buildings across India, focusing on optimizing rooftop solar installations.
  • Innovation: They employ technology to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar power generation through advanced monitoring and optimization.
  • Impact: ZunRoof facilitates widespread adoption of solar energy, contributing significantly to reducing carbon footprints and promoting renewable energy use in urban and rural areas.

2.Carbon Clean Solutions

  • Overview: Carbon Clean Solutions develops technology for capturing and reusing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes, aiming to mitigate climate change.
  • Innovation: Their advanced carbon capture technology is scalable and economically viable, making it feasible for industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively.
  • Impact: By enabling industries to capture and reuse CO2 emissions, Carbon Clean Solutions plays a crucial role in reducing environmental impact and fostering sustainable industrial practices.

3.Climate Connect

  • Overview: Climate Connect provides energy analytics and AI-driven solutions to optimize energy usage and reduce carbon footprints for businesses.
  • Innovation: They use AI to forecast energy demand and consumption patterns, offering insights that help businesses improve operational efficiency.
  • Impact: Climate Connect’s technologies promote sustainable energy management, leading to reduced energy costs and environmental impact across various sectors.

4.Ecolibrium Energy

  • Overview: Ecolibrium Energy offers IoT-based solutions for real-time energy monitoring and management in industries, focusing on energy efficiency.
  • Innovation: Their IoT platforms enable industries to identify energy inefficiencies and implement proactive energy-saving measures through predictive maintenance.
  • Impact: By optimizing energy consumption, Ecolibrium Energy helps industries reduce operational costs and environmental footprint, contributing to sustainable development goals.

5.Smart Joules

  • Overview: Smart Joules specializes in energy efficiency solutions for commercial buildings, utilizing advanced analytics and retrofitting technologies.
  • Innovation: They integrate IoT and smart sensors to monitor and optimize energy usage, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency.
  • Impact: Smart Joules’ solutions lower energy costs for businesses while promoting sustainable practices, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in urban areas.


  • Overview: TrashCon develops robotics and AI-driven solutions for waste management, focusing on efficient waste segregation and recycling.
  • Innovation: Their robotic sorting systems automate waste processing, improving recycling rates and reducing landfill waste.
  • Impact: By enhancing waste management processes, TrashCon contributes to environmental conservation by minimizing landfill usage and maximizing resource recovery through innovative technologies.


  • Overview: BijliBachao offers AI-powered energy conservation solutions for residential and commercial buildings, analyzing energy usage patterns to recommend efficiency measures.
  • Innovation: They use AI algorithms to optimize energy consumption, promoting energy savings and sustainable practices among consumers.
  • Impact: BijliBachao helps reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions by encouraging efficient energy use, thereby supporting environmental sustainability and economic savings for users.


  • Overview: BluSmart operates India’s first all-electric ride-sharing platform, providing zero-emission transportation options through its fleet of electric vehicles.
  • Innovation: Their app-based services and fleet management system promote sustainable mobility solutions, reducing urban air pollution and carbon emissions.
  • Impact: BluSmart improves urban air quality by offering clean transportation alternatives, contributing to environmental conservation and public health in cities.

9.Log 9 Materials

  • Overview: Log 9 Materials specializes in graphene-based products for clean energy and environmental solutions, focusing on batteries, water purification, and air filtration.
  • Innovation: They develop graphene technologies that enhance energy storage and improve environmental quality through efficient water and air treatment.
  • Impact: Their innovations advance clean technology applications, offering sustainable solutions for energy storage and environmental remediation, thus supporting global efforts towards a greener future.

10.Mango Power

  • Overview: Mango Power provides decentralized solar energy solutions for rural communities in India, ensuring reliable electricity access through microgrid systems.
  • Innovation: They deploy scalable solar microgrids tailored for rural areas, enhancing energy access and economic development opportunities.
  • Impact: Mango Power empowers underserved communities by providing clean energy solutions, improving living standards, and fostering sustainable development in remote regions.

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