July 20, 2024
Discover the top 10 SpaceTech startups in India driving innovation in satellite technology, launch services, and data analytics. From democratizing space access to advancing satellite propulsion systems and Earth observation capabilities, these companies are revolutionizing India's space industry. Explore their missions and contributions to expanding global space capabilities and fostering a new era of space exploration and data-driven insights.

Explore the forefront of India’s SpaceTech industry with the top 10 startups leading innovation in satellite technology and space exploration. From Skyroot Aerospace’s cost-effective launch services to Bellatrix Aerospace’s advanced propulsion systems, these companies are reshaping how we access and utilize space. Pixxel is pioneering high-resolution Earth imaging satellites, while Dhruva Space offers comprehensive satellite solutions. Kawa Space focuses on space-based data analytics, and Vesta Space excels in satellite design and integration. SatSure leverages satellite data for agriculture and infrastructure sectors, while Astrome Technologies aims to provide high-speed internet via satellite. SpaceKidz India inspires the next generation with student-built satellites. Discover how these startups are pushing boundaries and expanding India’s role in the global space industry.

1.Skyroot Aerospace

  • Overview: Founded in 2018 by former ISRO scientists in Hyderabad, Skyroot Aerospace aims to democratize space access with cost-effective, reliable, and on-demand space launch services. Their Vikram series of rockets cater to small satellite launches.
  • Innovation: Developing efficient and affordable space launch vehicles to meet the growing demand for small satellite deployment.
  • Impact: Facilitating easier access to space for startups, research institutions, and commercial enterprises, thereby fostering innovation in space technology.

2.Agnikul Cosmos

  • Overview: Established in 2017 in Chennai, Agnikul Cosmos specializes in developing small satellite launch vehicles, notably the Agnibaan, designed for payloads up to 100 kg to low Earth orbit.
  • Innovation: Designing customizable launch vehicles that streamline the deployment process for small satellites.
  • Impact: Enabling cost-effective and dedicated launches for small satellite operators, enhancing accessibility to space for various applications including scientific research and telecommunications.

3.Bellatrix Aerospace

  • Overview: Founded in Bengaluru in 2015, Bellatrix Aerospace focuses on advanced in-space propulsion systems, particularly electric propulsion, to improve satellite maneuverability and efficiency.
  • Innovation: Pioneering electric propulsion technologies to reduce satellite operational costs and extend mission lifespans.
  • Impact: Enhancing the capabilities of satellite missions through more efficient propulsion systems, contributing to sustainable space operations.


  • Overview: Based in Bengaluru and founded in 2019, Pixxel aims to build a constellation of Earth-imaging satellites to provide high-resolution imagery and data analytics for monitoring environmental changes.
  • Innovation: Developing a constellation of small satellites equipped with advanced imaging capabilities for detailed Earth observation.
  • Impact: Providing crucial data for agriculture, disaster management, urban planning, and environmental monitoring, facilitating informed decision-making globally.

5.Dhruva Space

  • Overview: Established in Bengaluru in 2012, Dhruva Space offers comprehensive satellite platform development, launch services, and ground station operations, catering to both commercial and government missions.
  • Innovation: Providing end-to-end solutions including satellite design, integration, and mission operations for various orbital applications.
  • Impact: Supporting diverse satellite missions and fostering the growth of space-based services through reliable and efficient space infrastructure.

6.Kawa Space

  • Overview: Founded in Bengaluru in 2019, Kawa Space focuses on satellite manufacturing and data analytics infrastructure to simplify access to space-based data for commercial and research purposes.
  • Innovation: Building infrastructure that integrates satellite manufacturing with advanced data analytics to enhance space data utilization.
  • Impact: Enabling businesses and researchers to leverage space-based data for applications in agriculture, climate monitoring, and telecommunications.

7.Vesta Space

  • Overview: Established in Mumbai in 2018, Vesta Space specializes in satellite design, integration, and mission operations, with a focus on small satellites and advanced communication systems.
  • Innovation: Developing compact and efficient satellite platforms tailored for telecommunications and Earth observation.
  • Impact: Advancing satellite communication technologies and expanding capabilities for data-intensive applications across sectors.


  • Overview: Based in Bengaluru and founded in 2017, SatSure leverages satellite data and machine learning to provide insights for agriculture, banking, and infrastructure sectors, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Innovation: Integrating satellite imagery with advanced analytics to generate actionable insights for various industries.
  • Impact: Empowering sectors such as agriculture and finance with precise data analytics, optimizing resource management and risk assessment strategies.

9.Astrome Technologies

  • Overview: Founded in Bengaluru in 2015, Astrome Technologies is developing next-generation satellite communication solutions to deliver high-speed internet connectivity to remote and underserved regions.
  • Innovation: Creating high-capacity satellite communication systems for affordable and reliable broadband services.
  • Impact: Bridging the digital divide by providing internet access to remote areas, enhancing educational, economic, and social opportunities.

10.SpaceKidz India

  • Overview: Established in Chennai in 2011, SpaceKidz India promotes space science and satellite technology education among students through hands-on projects like building and launching student-designed satellites.
  • Innovation: Encouraging STEM education and practical application of space technology through student satellite missions.
  • Impact: Inspiring and educating the next generation of space scientists and engineers in India, fostering innovation and curiosity in space exploration.

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