July 20, 2024

Top 10 Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Startups in India

Explore the top 10 Mobility as a Service (MaaS) startups in India revolutionizing urban transportation. From ride-hailing giants like Ola and Uber to innovative bike-taxi services and electric scooter rentals, these startups offer integrated mobility solutions that are reshaping how people move in cities across the country. Discover their innovations and impacts on reducing traffic congestion, promoting sustainability, and enhancing commuter convenience.

India’s urban transportation landscape is rapidly evolving with the emergence of innovative Mobility as a Service (MaaS) startups. These companies are leveraging technology to offer integrated mobility solutions that cater to the diverse needs of urban commuters. From ride-hailing services like Ola and Uber, which have expanded to include auto-rickshaws, bikes, and shuttle services, to specialized providers like Rapido and Vogo offering convenient bike and scooter rentals, each startup is playing a pivotal role in easing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable mobility options. Yulu stands out with its focus on electric bicycle rentals, promoting eco-friendly transport solutions, while Cityflo and Shuttl streamline daily commuting with their app-based bus shuttle services. Quick Ride facilitates carpooling, reducing solo rides and enhancing resource efficiency. Drivezy enables peer-to-peer vehicle rentals, fostering asset-sharing and reducing ownership costs. Together, these startups are transforming urban mobility, offering reliable, convenient, and sustainable transportation alternatives across India’s bustling cities.


  • Overview: Originally a ride-hailing service, Ola has evolved into a comprehensive MaaS platform offering multiple transport modes such as auto-rickshaws, bikes, e-scooters, and shuttles.
  • Innovation: Ola integrates various transport options into a single app, providing users with seamless mobility solutions and enhancing urban transit convenience.
  • Impact: Ola’s MaaS platform facilitates efficient and convenient travel options, reducing dependency on private vehicles and promoting shared mobility, thus contributing to congestion reduction and environmental sustainability.


  • Overview: Uber, a global leader in ride-hailing, has adapted its services in India to include auto-rickshaws and bikes, alongside traditional car rides.
  • Innovation: Uber’s app integrates public transit information in some cities, allowing users to plan their journeys comprehensively and choose the most efficient transport mode.
  • Impact: By offering diverse transport options and integrating public transit data, Uber enhances urban mobility, reduces traffic congestion, and promotes efficient use of resources.


  • Overview: Rapido specializes in bike-taxi services tailored for short-distance commutes in congested urban areas.
  • Innovation: Focusing on bike-taxi services fills the gap for quick, cost-effective last-mile connectivity solutions, addressing urban mobility challenges effectively.
  • Impact: Rapido’s services provide commuters with a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional transportation, easing traffic congestion and reducing travel time in busy cities.


  • Overview: Bounce offers dockless scooters and bikes for flexible point-to-point transportation within urban areas.
  • Innovation: Utilizing a keyless entry system, Bounce promotes ease of access and convenience in using their fleet, exploring options with electric vehicles to support sustainable mobility.
  • Impact: Bounce’s dockless scooters and bikes provide commuters with a flexible and eco-friendly travel option, reducing reliance on personal vehicles and contributing to cleaner urban environments.


  • Overview: Vogo focuses on scooter rentals as a personal mobility solution aimed at reducing traffic congestion.
  • Innovation: By offering short-term scooter rentals, Vogo provides users with a convenient alternative to car ownership, promoting efficient use of urban transport infrastructure.
  • Impact: Vogo’s services help alleviate traffic congestion by offering a practical alternative for short-distance travel, thereby contributing to improved traffic flow and reduced emissions in cities.


  • Overview: Yulu specializes in electric bicycle rentals, promoting eco-friendly urban mobility solutions.
  • Innovation: Yulu’s fleet of IoT-enabled bicycles with GPS integration allows for easy tracking and maintenance, supporting sustainable transportation options.
  • Impact: By encouraging the use of electric bicycles, Yulu reduces carbon emissions and promotes cleaner air in cities, offering commuters a sustainable mode of transport for short-distance travel.


  • Overview: Cityflo operates app-based bus shuttle services catering to urban commuters during peak hours.
  • Innovation: Cityflo provides a reliable and comfortable alternative to traditional public transit, focusing on convenience and efficiency in urban mobility.
  • Impact: By offering comfortable bus shuttle services, Cityflo enhances the commuting experience for urban residents, reducing congestion on roads and promoting public transit use.

8.Quick Ride

  • Overview: Quick Ride facilitates carpooling and ridesharing among commuters traveling on similar routes.
  • Innovation: Quick Ride’s platform connects commuters for shared rides, optimizing vehicle occupancy and promoting resource efficiency.
  • Impact: By promoting carpooling, Quick Ride reduces traffic congestion, lowers individual commuting costs, and decreases carbon emissions, contributing to sustainable urban mobility.


  • Overview: Shuttl offers app-based bus services with fixed routes and schedules, targeting daily commuters.
  • Innovation: Shuttl’s fixed-route bus services provide commuters with a reliable and comfortable travel option, integrating technology for enhanced user experience.
  • Impact: Shuttl improves urban transit by offering air-conditioned buses and fixed schedules, reducing reliance on private vehicles and promoting mass transit adoption for daily commutes.


  • Overview: Drivezy enables peer-to-peer rentals of cars, bikes, and scooters, promoting asset-sharing and reducing vehicle ownership costs.
  • Innovation: Drivezy’s platform facilitates easy and secure rentals, allowing users to access vehicles conveniently while promoting efficient use of resources.
  • Impact: By encouraging peer-to-peer vehicle rentals, Drivezy reduces the number of privately owned vehicles on roads, easing traffic congestion and contributing to sustainable urban mobility practices.

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