July 20, 2024

Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

"Discover the leading Cyber Defense Startups in India that are reshaping digital security with innovative solutions. From advanced threat detection to cybersecurity assessments and blockchain-based protection, these startups like Seqrite, Lucideus, and TAC Security are pivotal in safeguarding enterprises against evolving cyber threats."

India’s cybersecurity landscape is thriving with innovation, driven by startups at the forefront of digital defense. Seqrite leads with comprehensive enterprise security solutions, while Lucideus offers cutting-edge cybersecurity assessments through its SAFE platform. TAC Security specializes in real-time vulnerability management, and Cyberbit enhances response capabilities with advanced threat detection tools. Kratikal Tech innovates with its ThreatCop platform for cybersecurity awareness, and Prime Infoserv provides tailored security services across BFSI and government sectors. Appknox secures mobile apps globally, and InstaSafe ensures cloud infrastructure protection for enterprises. Block Armour pioneers blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions, and GuardianEye uses AI for real-time threat detection, making significant impacts on digital security in India and beyond.


Overview: Seqrite, a subsidiary of Quick Heal Technologies based in Pune, specializes in enterprise security solutions encompassing endpoint security, data loss prevention, and network protection. Innovation: Seqrite innovates with proactive threat detection technologies that help businesses safeguard their digital assets from evolving cyber threats.

Impact: Its comprehensive cybersecurity solutions have made Seqrite a trusted partner for large enterprises and SMEs, enhancing cybersecurity resilience across various industries.


Overview: Lucideus, headquartered in New Delhi, focuses on cybersecurity assessment and assurance services through its SAFE platform, catering primarily to global organizations.

Innovation: Lucideus innovates by providing advanced cybersecurity risk assessment tools and consulting services that help organizations bolster their defenses against cyber attacks.

Impact: With its expertise in cyber risk management, Lucideus has enabled organizations worldwide to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and protect critical digital infrastructure.

3.TAC Security

Overview: TAC Security, based in Chandigarh, specializes in vulnerability management, risk assessment, and real-time monitoring services through its ESOF platform.

Innovation: TAC Security innovates with a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities across enterprise networks, enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.

Impact: Its robust cybersecurity solutions have garnered a global clientele, contributing significantly to safeguarding sensitive data and infrastructure from cyber threats.


Overview: Cyberbit, located in Bengaluru, offers advanced threat detection and response solutions along with training and simulation platforms for cybersecurity professionals.

Innovation: Cyberbit innovates with training simulations that prepare cybersecurity teams to combat sophisticated cyber threats effectively.

Impact: The company’s solutions are widely adopted by defense, government, and enterprise sectors, bolstering their cybersecurity capabilities and resilience against cyber attacks.

5.Kratikal Tech

Overview: Kratikal Tech, based in Noida, specializes in cybersecurity testing, training, and simulation platforms, notably through its ThreatCop product.

Innovation: Kratikal Tech innovates with simulated attack scenarios that help organizations identify vulnerabilities and enhance their cybersecurity preparedness.

Impact: Its innovative approach to cybersecurity awareness has helped diverse industries mitigate risks and respond effectively to cyber threats, ensuring robust digital security frameworks.

6.Prime Infoserv

Overview: Prime Infoserv, headquartered in Kolkata, offers managed security services, compliance consulting, and proactive threat intelligence solutions.

Innovation: Prime Infoserv innovates by providing tailored security solutions that address specific compliance requirements and proactive threat hunting capabilities.

Impact: The company’s customized cybersecurity services have been instrumental in safeguarding critical data and infrastructure for BFSI, healthcare, and government clients.


Overview: Appknox, located in Bengaluru, specializes in mobile application security, providing automated security testing solutions for mobile apps.

Innovation: Appknox innovates with automated tools that detect vulnerabilities in mobile applications, ensuring secure deployments and protecting user data.

Impact: Its user-friendly security testing tools have gained traction globally, helping businesses deploy safer mobile apps and maintain trust with their users.


Overview: InstaSafe, also based in Bengaluru, focuses on cloud-based security solutions that secure access and protect data for remote and mobile users.

Innovation: InstaSafe innovates with scalable and secure connectivity solutions that address the challenges of remote workforces and cloud infrastructure security.

Impact: Its solutions have empowered enterprises to adopt cloud technologies securely, ensuring compliance and data protection while enabling remote workforce productivity.

9.Block Armour

Overview: Block Armour, headquartered in Mumbai, specializes in blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions that secure digital identities and protect data.

Innovation: Block Armour innovates with decentralized blockchain technologies that enhance security measures for critical infrastructure and IoT devices.

Impact: The company’s innovative approach to cybersecurity using blockchain has fortified digital ecosystems against emerging threats, ensuring secure operations for critical sectors.


Overview: GuardianEye, located in Bengaluru, provides AI-driven cybersecurity solutions for real-time threat detection and incident response.

Innovation: GuardianEye innovates with machine learning algorithms that analyze network traffic patterns to identify and mitigate potential threats proactively.

Impact: Its AI-driven solutions have empowered enterprises to detect and respond swiftly to cyber threats, minimizing potential damages and maintaining operational continuity.

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