July 20, 2024
"Explore the top 10 robotics startups in India leading innovation across industries like logistics, healthcare, and agriculture. From autonomous vehicles and service robots to industrial automation solutions, these startups harness AI and advanced robotics to revolutionize operations and enhance efficiency."

“Discover India’s pioneering robotics startups at the forefront of technological innovation. These companies are leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced robotics to transform industries such as logistics, healthcare, and agriculture. From autonomous vehicles and industrial automation solutions to service robots and healthcare diagnostics, each startup is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with robotics in India. Explore their groundbreaking technologies and the impact they’re making across diverse sectors.”


  • Overview: GreyOrange specializes in automation solutions for supply chain and logistics, leveraging Butler robots for warehouse automation and Sorter systems for parcel sorting.
  • Innovation: They innovate by integrating advanced robotics with AI to optimize warehouse operations, improving efficiency and scalability in logistics.
  • Impact: GreyOrange’s robotic solutions streamline supply chain processes, reducing operational costs and enhancing order fulfillment speed for their clients.

2.Gridbots Technologies

  • Overview: Gridbots Technologies focuses on industrial automation and robotic solutions, including bomb disposal robots and surveillance systems.
  • Innovation: They innovate by developing specialized robots for hazardous environments and critical applications such as bomb disposal, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
  • Impact: Gridbots’ robots mitigate risks in high-risk scenarios, providing essential support in security operations and industrial automation, thereby improving workplace safety.

3.Sastra Robotics India

  • Overview: Sastra Robotics India designs robotic solutions for inspection and surveillance, particularly unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) for diverse sectors like defense and agriculture.
  • Innovation: Their innovation lies in developing autonomous UGVs equipped with advanced sensors and AI for efficient surveillance and inspection tasks.
  • Impact: Sastra Robotics’ UGVs improve situational awareness and operational effectiveness in defense and agriculture, enhancing security and operational efficiencies.

4.Asimov Robotics

  • Overview: Asimov Robotics specializes in service robotics for hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors, providing robots to assist in customer service and patient care.
  • Innovation: They innovate by creating humanoid robots tailored for interactive customer engagement and personalized assistance across different service sectors.
  • Impact: Asimov Robotics’ service robots enhance service delivery, offering consistent customer interactions and improving operational efficiencies in hospitality and healthcare.


  • Overview: Miko develops educational robots, notably Miko 2, an AI-based interactive learning robot designed to engage and educate children through interactive conversations.
  • Innovation: Their innovation includes integrating AI with educational content to create personalized learning experiences for children, enhancing engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Impact: Miko 2 enriches children’s educational experiences, fostering cognitive development and curiosity through interactive learning modules and conversational AI.

6.DiFACTO Robotics and Automation

  • Overview: DiFACTO Robotics specializes in manufacturing automation solutions, offering custom robotic systems for material handling, welding, and assembly line automation.
  • Innovation: They innovate by providing flexible robotic systems tailored to specific manufacturing needs, optimizing production processes with precision and efficiency.
  • Impact: DiFACTO Robotics’ solutions improve manufacturing productivity, ensuring consistent quality and reducing production cycle times through automated processes.

7.Aurora Integrated Systems

  • Overview: Aurora Integrated Systems focuses on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for marine exploration and surveillance, equipped with AI and advanced sensors.
  • Innovation: Their innovation lies in developing AUVs capable of autonomous navigation, underwater mapping, and inspection using sophisticated sensor technologies.
  • Impact: Aurora Integrated Systems’ AUVs enhance marine research and surveillance capabilities, supporting environmental monitoring and underwater exploration with precision and efficiency.


  • Overview: Systemantics specializes in industrial automation with a range of robotic systems, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and robotic assembly lines.
  • Innovation: They innovate by integrating AGVs and robotic assembly lines to automate logistics and manufacturing processes, optimizing operational workflows.
  • Impact: Systemantics’ robotic solutions improve operational efficiencies in logistics and manufacturing, reducing manual labor costs and enhancing productivity across industrial sectors.

9.Gade Autonomous Systems

  • Overview: Gade Autonomous Systems focuses on agricultural robotics, developing robots for seeding, spraying, and harvesting to enhance farming efficiency.
  • Innovation: Their innovation includes designing robots equipped with AI and precision sensors for precise agricultural tasks, improving crop yield and resource management.
  • Impact: Gade Autonomous Systems’ robots promote sustainable agriculture practices, optimizing farm operations and reducing dependency on manual labor, thus contributing to food security.

10.Niramaai Health Analytix

  • Overview: Niramaai Health Analytix integrates AI and thermal imaging for early detection of breast cancer with their solution, Thermalytix.
  • Innovation: They innovate by combining robotics with AI-driven medical diagnostics to improve the accuracy and accessibility of breast cancer screening.
  • Impact: Niramaai Health Analytix’s technology facilitates early diagnosis of breast cancer, enabling timely medical interventions and potentially saving lives through advanced healthcare robotics.

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