July 20, 2024
Explore India's top 10 IoT startups revolutionizing industries with connectivity and data. From smart electric scooters to AI-powered healthcare solutions, these innovative companies are reshaping agriculture, healthcare, and security sectors with cutting-edge IoT technologies. Discover their impactful innovations driving efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced user experiences across diverse applications in the Indian market.

India’s burgeoning IoT startup landscape showcases innovative companies at the forefront of technological advancement. Ather Energy leads with smart electric scooters integrating IoT for remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance alerts, while Niramai pioneers AI-driven breast cancer detection using IoT sensors. Stellapps digitizes dairy farms with real-time monitoring, and Uncanny Vision enhances security through AI-powered video analytics. Altizon optimizes industrial operations with IoT platforms, and Aibono promotes sustainable agriculture with precision farming solutions. Flutura boosts asset management with AI-driven insights, and Yellow Messenger integrates IoT with conversational AI for seamless customer interactions. Zenatix Solutions tackles energy efficiency in buildings, and Enlite Research enhances lighting systems with IoT capabilities. These startups exemplify India’s dynamic IoT ecosystem, driving innovation across sectors with transformative technologies.

1.Ather Energy

  • Overview: Ather Energy designs smart electric scooters with IoT capabilities, offering features like remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance alerts.
  • Innovation: Ather integrates IoT to enhance user experience and vehicle performance, setting new standards in the electric vehicle sector.
  • Impact: The smart features improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, contributing to the adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions in India.


  • Overview: Niramai uses IoT and AI for early and accurate breast cancer detection through thermal imaging and machine learning.
  • Innovation: Their non-invasive approach revolutionizes breast health screening, addressing critical healthcare needs with privacy-aware technology.
  • Impact: Niramai’s solution enables early detection, potentially saving lives by facilitating timely medical intervention and improving cancer outcomes.


  • Overview: Stellapps digitizes dairy farming with IoT solutions for real-time monitoring of milk production, herd health, and milk quality.
  • Innovation: By integrating IoT sensors on farms, Stellapps enhances data-driven decision-making for dairy farmers, optimizing operations and productivity.
  • Impact: The technology improves milk yield, quality, and animal health management, empowering farmers to increase profitability and sustainability in dairy farming.

4.Uncanny Vision

  • Overview: Uncanny Vision specializes in AI-powered video analytics and surveillance solutions enhanced by IoT capabilities.
  • Innovation: Their technology offers facial recognition, anomaly detection, and real-time video analysis, transforming security systems across various sectors.
  • Impact: Uncanny Vision enhances public safety and asset protection by providing proactive security measures and efficient monitoring solutions.


  • Overview: Altizon provides Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms for optimizing production efficiency and implementing predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Innovation: Their platform analyzes real-time machine data to improve equipment reliability and reduce operational downtime in manufacturing.
  • Impact: Altizon enables industrial enterprises to achieve cost savings, enhance productivity, and maintain competitiveness through data-driven insights and predictive analytics.


  • Overview: Aibono applies IoT and data analytics for precision farming, focusing on optimizing irrigation, predicting pest outbreaks, and improving crop yields sustainably.
  • Innovation: Their solution leverages soil sensors and crop health monitoring systems to support precision agriculture practices.
  • Impact: Aibono helps farmers increase agricultural productivity while conserving resources, contributing to food security and sustainable farming practices in India.


  • Overview: Flutura offers AI-driven IoT solutions for asset performance management and operational efficiency in industrial sectors.
  • Innovation: Their technology uses predictive analytics to forecast equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules, enhancing asset reliability.
  • Impact: Flutura empowers industries to minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall operational performance through advanced IoT-driven insights.

8.Yellow Messenger (Intuition Systems)

  • Overview: Yellow Messenger integrates IoT with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants for automating customer interactions and managing IoT devices effectively.
  • Innovation: Their platform enhances customer engagement and operational efficiency across sectors like retail, banking, and healthcare.
  • Impact: Yellow Messenger improves service delivery, operational workflows, and customer satisfaction through personalized interactions and streamlined IoT management.

9.Zenatix Solutions

  • Overview: Zenatix Solutions specializes in IoT-based energy management solutions for commercial buildings and retail chains.
  • Innovation: Their platform optimizes HVAC and lighting systems by monitoring energy consumption patterns and implementing energy-saving strategies.
  • Impact: Zenatix helps organizations reduce energy costs, comply with sustainability regulations, and achieve environmental goals, promoting efficient energy usage and management practices.

10.Enlite Research

  • Overview: Enlite Research develops IoT-enabled smart lighting solutions to enhance energy efficiency and offer customizable controls.
  • Innovation: Their smart lighting systems integrate IoT for remote management capabilities and energy consumption optimization.
  • Impact: Enlite Research contributes to sustainable urban development by improving energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructure, fostering smart city initiatives and environmental conservation efforts.

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