July 20, 2024

Top 10 SaaS Startups for Software in India

"Explore India's leading SaaS startups revolutionizing business with scalable software solutions. From customer engagement to healthcare data management, these innovative companies like Zoho, Freshworks, and Druva are reshaping industries worldwide."

India’s vibrant SaaS startup scene is marked by a diverse array of innovators transforming business operations across the globe. Zoho Corporation leads with its comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications spanning CRM, finance, and project management, catering to millions worldwide. Freshworks has redefined customer engagement with its intuitive software solutions, including Freshdesk and Freshsales, now essential tools for over 50,000 businesses. Druva specializes in cloud data protection and management, safeguarding enterprise data across endpoints and cloud environments with its scalable backup and recovery solutions. Meanwhile, Icertis excels in contract lifecycle management, ensuring compliance and efficiency through its AI-powered platform adopted by major global corporations. Chargebee simplifies subscription billing for SaaS and e-commerce enterprises, supporting scalability with automated billing and revenue operations. Postman simplifies API development and testing, empowering developers globally with its robust platform. Innovaccer enhances healthcare outcomes with its data activation platform, aggregating and analyzing patient data for improved clinical decisions. MindTickle prepares sales teams with its sales readiness platform, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize performance. Unbxd enhances e-commerce product discovery with AI-powered solutions, optimizing search and recommendations for over 1,200 websites. Capillary Technologies drives customer engagement and loyalty through AI-driven personalized experiences, serving prominent global brands across various industries. These startups exemplify India’s prowess in delivering innovative SaaS solutions that redefine efficiency, customer engagement, and industry standards worldwide.


  • Overview: Zoho Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business software, encompassing over 45 applications that support various functions from CRM to finance and project management.
  • Innovation: Zoho differentiates itself with a privacy-focused model and an extensive suite that caters to the diverse needs of businesses globally.
  • Impact: With a user base exceeding 60 million worldwide, Zoho has democratized access to enterprise-grade software, empowering businesses with scalable solutions devoid of ad-based revenue models.


  • Overview: Freshworks provides customer engagement software including Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Freshsales, transforming customer support and IT service management.
  • Innovation: Freshworks pioneered user-friendly, scalable solutions that streamline customer interactions and support processes through automation and AI.
  • Impact: Serving over 50,000 customers globally, including major brands like Honda and Cisco, Freshworks has redefined customer relationship management and IT service delivery with its intuitive platforms.


  • Overview: Druva specializes in cloud data protection and management solutions, offering backup, disaster recovery, archival, and analytics services across endpoints, data centers, and cloud environments.
  • Innovation: Druva’s cloud-native approach ensures data security and compliance while optimizing storage and recovery processes through advanced analytics.
  • Impact: Trusted by over 4,000 global enterprises, Druva has revolutionized data management, providing scalable solutions that safeguard critical business data and enhance operational resilience.


  • Overview: Icertis delivers enterprise contract management solutions powered by AI, managing the entire contract lifecycle to ensure compliance and optimize performance.
  • Innovation: Icertis integrates AI for contract analytics and risk management, offering a centralized platform that enhances contract visibility and governance.
  • Impact: Valued at over $2 billion, Icertis serves major clients like Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson, transforming contract management practices globally with its scalable and agile solutions.


  • Overview: Chargebee simplifies subscription billing and revenue operations for SaaS and e-commerce businesses, automating billing cycles, invoicing, and revenue recognition.
  • Innovation: Chargebee’s platform supports complex billing models and recurring payments, ensuring scalability and compliance with global billing standards.
  • Impact: Having raised over $230 million in funding, Chargebee supports thousands of businesses across 50 countries, enabling efficient subscription management and revenue optimization.


  • Overview: Postman offers an API development platform that facilitates building, testing, and managing APIs, catering to developers worldwide with its collaborative tools.
  • Innovation: Postman simplifies API workflows with features like automated testing, documentation generation, and real-time collaboration, enhancing developer productivity.
  • Impact: With a user base exceeding 17 million and adopted by over 500,000 companies globally, Postman has become essential for API development, fostering innovation and accelerating software development cycles.


  • Overview: Innovaccer provides a healthcare data activation platform that aggregates and analyzes data to improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency in healthcare organizations.
  • Innovation: Innovaccer leverages AI and predictive analytics to deliver actionable insights and personalized care solutions, enhancing patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.
  • Impact: Used by over 1,000 healthcare facilities, Innovaccer’s technology has transformed healthcare data management, driving efficiencies and improving care quality across the industry.


  • Overview: MindTickle offers a sales readiness platform that empowers sales teams through training, coaching, and content management, ensuring readiness and performance optimization.
  • Innovation: MindTickle employs data-driven insights and AI-powered analytics to personalize sales training and enable continuous skill development for sales professionals.
  • Impact: Having raised over $280 million, MindTickle serves numerous Fortune 500 companies, enhancing sales effectiveness and revenue growth through its innovative sales enablement solutions.


  • Overview: Unbxd provides AI-powered product discovery solutions for e-commerce companies, enhancing search relevance, navigation, and personalized recommendations.
  • Innovation: Unbxd integrates AI algorithms for real-time behavioral analysis and product insights, optimizing user experience and driving conversions in e-commerce.
  • Impact: Powering over 1,200 e-commerce websites, including Express and Ashley HomeStore, Unbxd has improved online shopping experiences and revenue generation for retailers globally.

10.Capillary Technologies

  • Overview: Capillary Technologies offers customer engagement and loyalty solutions leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver personalized customer experiences across channels.
  • Innovation: Capillary’s platforms enable brands to build customer loyalty through personalized marketing campaigns, predictive analytics, and omnichannel engagement strategies.
  • Impact: Serving over 400 brands across 30+ countries, including Walmart and Puma, Capillary Technologies has redefined customer engagement, driving revenue growth and brand loyalty through innovative SaaS solutions.

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