July 20, 2024

Top 10 Mental Health Startups in India

"Discover India's leading mental health startups transforming care with innovation. Explore platforms like YourDOST and InnerHour offering personalized therapy and AI-driven support, alongside services from ePsyclinic and Trijog bridging gaps in accessibility. From pioneering workplace solutions by 1to1help.net to Seraniti's holistic care, these startups are reshaping mental health support with technology and empathy, making care more accessible and effective nationwide."

These top 10 mental health startups in India are revolutionizing the landscape by offering innovative solutions to address various aspects of mental well-being. From YourDOST providing a platform for confidential counseling and InnerHour’s personalized therapy plans to Wysa’s AI-driven support and ePsyclinic’s convenient online consultations, each startup leverages technology to make mental health care more accessible. Trijog and Seraniti integrate comprehensive counseling services, while 1to1help.net focuses on workplace mental health. MindPeers emphasizes preventive care, HopeQure offers telehealth solutions, and Therapize simplifies therapist access. Together, these startups are enhancing mental health support across India, breaking barriers and promoting mental wellness.


  • Overview: Founded in 2014 in Bengaluru, YourDOST provides a vital platform for individuals to seek emotional support and mental health counseling anonymously. It connects users with licensed psychologists, counselors, and life coaches through chat, audio, and video sessions, alongside workshops and self-help tools.
  • Innovation: YourDOST innovates by offering a diverse range of counseling methods and comprehensive emotional wellness resources, making mental health care accessible to a broad audience.
  • Impact: It has significantly impacted mental health awareness in India by providing millions of users a safe space to discuss and manage emotional issues, thereby reducing stigma and promoting well-being.


  • Overview: Founded in 2016 in Mumbai, InnerHour blends technology with evidence-based therapeutic methods to deliver personalized mental health care through its mobile app. It offers self-help tools, mood tracking, and structured therapy plans.
  • Innovation: InnerHour innovates by leveraging technology to democratize access to mental health resources and personalized therapy, empowering users to manage their mental well-being proactively.
  • Impact: The platform has made effective mental health care more accessible and affordable, reaching a wide audience and supporting them in improving their mental health outcomes.


  • Overview: Launched in 2016 in Bengaluru, Wysa utilizes artificial intelligence to provide anonymous mental health support through a chatbot interface. It offers 24/7 emotional support, guided therapeutic exercises, and access to human therapists.
  • Innovation: Wysa’s AI-driven approach innovates by providing immediate, non-judgmental mental health support, particularly appealing to users who may be hesitant to seek traditional therapy.
  • Impact: It has broadened access to mental health assistance, particularly for those experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress, contributing to early intervention and improved mental health outcomes.


  • Overview: Established in 2014 in Mumbai, Trijog focuses on bridging the gap between mental health needs and quality care by offering both online and offline counseling services, workshops, and awareness programs.
  • Innovation: Trijog innovates by integrating diverse counseling approaches and educational initiatives to address various mental health challenges effectively.
  • Impact: It has created a supportive environment for mental health discussions and professional care, promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma across individuals, corporates, and educational institutions.


  • Overview: Founded in 2015 in New Delhi, ePsyclinic specializes in providing comprehensive online mental health services, including consultations with psychologists and psychiatrists via its digital platform.
  • Innovation: ePsyclinic innovates by leveraging telemedicine to deliver confidential and convenient mental health care, breaking geographical barriers.
  • Impact: It has significantly enhanced accessibility to mental health services, particularly for individuals in remote areas, contributing to improved mental health outcomes through timely intervention and support.


  • Overview: A pioneer since 2001 in Bengaluru, 1to1help.net focuses on providing employee assistance programs (EAP) and counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Innovation: 1to1help.net innovates by integrating mental health support within corporate environments through customized EAPs and counseling services, promoting employee well-being.
  • Impact: It has played a crucial role in enhancing workplace mental health awareness and support, fostering a healthier work environment and improving productivity and retention rates.


  • Overview: Launched in 2019 in New Delhi, MindPeers offers preventive mental wellness solutions through online therapy, workplace mental health programs, and self-help tools.
  • Innovation: MindPeers innovates by focusing on preventive mental health care, empowering individuals and organizations to proactively manage their mental well-being.
  • Impact: It has helped many individuals and workplaces adopt proactive mental health strategies, reducing the incidence of mental health issues and enhancing overall well-being and productivity.


  • Overview: Founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, Seraniti provides holistic mental health care by integrating psychiatry, psychotherapy, and technology, offering online consultations and educational workshops.
  • Innovation: Seraniti innovates by offering integrated therapy services that cater to diverse mental health needs, combining clinical expertise with technological solutions.
  • Impact: It has ensured individuals receive comprehensive mental health care tailored to their specific needs, fostering better mental health outcomes and promoting mental wellness education.


  • Overview: Established in 2019 in Gurugram, HopeQure is a telehealth platform providing accessible and affordable mental health care through online counseling and corporate wellness programs.
  • Innovation: HopeQure innovates by making mental health care more affordable and accessible through telehealth solutions, reaching underserved communities and workplaces.
  • Impact: It has democratized access to mental health services, particularly benefiting marginalized populations, and promoted mental health awareness and well-being in corporate settings.


  • Overview: Launched in 2020 in Mumbai, Therapize connects users with verified therapists through a user-friendly platform offering personalized matching and secure online therapy sessions.
  • Innovation: Therapize innovates by simplifying the process of finding and accessing mental health professionals through its technology-driven approach.
  • Impact: It has facilitated easier access to mental health support, enabling individuals to seek timely assistance and fostering positive mental health outcomes through personalized care and resources.

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