July 20, 2024
Discover India’s leading biotech innovators: Biocon pioneers biopharmaceuticals; Serum Institute of India manufactures life-saving vaccines; Bharat Biotech develops groundbreaking vaccines; Pandorum Technologies advances human tissue-based drug testing; Strand Life Sciences specializes in genomic analysis; Axio Biosolutions innovates in wound care; Oncostem Diagnostics provides precision cancer diagnostics; Forus Health revolutionizes eye care technology; Zumutor Biologics focuses on immuno-oncology therapeutics; Xcode Life Sciences offers genetic testing services. These startups are transforming healthcare globally, advancing research, and setting new standards in biotechnology.

Explore India’s top biotech startups leading innovation in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. From Biocon’s pioneering biopharmaceuticals and Serum Institute of India’s extensive vaccine manufacturing to Bharat Biotech’s groundbreaking vaccine developments, these companies are reshaping global healthcare standards. Pandorum Technologies excels in human tissue-based drug testing, while Strand Life Sciences advances genomic analysis. Axio Biosolutions innovates in advanced wound care, Oncostem Diagnostics offers precision cancer diagnostics, and Forus Health revolutionizes eye care with cutting-edge technologies. Zumutor Biologics specializes in immuno-oncology therapeutics, and Xcode Life Sciences provides personalized genetic testing services. Together, these startups represent India’s dynamic biotech landscape, driving transformative advancements in medicine and healthcare globally.


  • Overview: Biocon, founded by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in 1978, is a pioneer in biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars in India.
  • Innovation: Notable innovations include the development of Alzumab for psoriasis and FDA-approved biosimilar Trastuzumab for breast cancer treatment.
  • Impact: Biocon has set high standards in biotech R&D, positioning India as a key player globally and significantly impacting the healthcare landscape with accessible treatments.

2.Serum Institute of India

  • Overview: Established in 1966 by Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, Serum Institute is the largest vaccine manufacturer globally by volume.
  • Innovation: Known for producing affordable vaccines for diseases like polio, influenza, and newer vaccines such as rotavirus and meningococcal meningitis.
  • Impact: The institute’s vaccines have transformed public health outcomes globally, especially in developing countries, by making life-saving vaccines accessible and affordable.

3.Bharat Biotech

  • Overview: Founded in 1996 by Dr. Krishna M. Ella, Bharat Biotech is a leader in vaccine development and biologics in India.
  • Innovation: Developed India’s first clinically proven rotavirus vaccine and focuses on vaccines for diseases like typhoid, hepatitis B, and Japanese encephalitis.
  • Impact: Bharat Biotech’s vaccines have significantly reduced disease burden in India and other countries, contributing to public health improvements and fostering biotech innovation.

4.Pandorum Technologies

  • Overview: Founded in 2011 by Dr. Tuhin Bhowmick and Dr. Arun Chandru, Pandorum specializes in human tissue-based technologies for drug discovery and testing.
  • Innovation: Innovated bio-engineered human tissue constructs for drug toxicity and efficacy testing, particularly liver and kidney tissues.
  • Impact: Pandorum’s technologies have advanced drug discovery processes, reducing time and costs, and have positioned India as a hub for cutting-edge biotech research.

5.Strand Life Sciences

  • Overview: Based in Bangalore, Strand Life Sciences focuses on genomic analysis and clinical genomics.
  • Innovation: Developed Strand NGS platform for comprehensive next-generation sequencing data analysis.
  • Impact: Strand’s advancements in genomics have enhanced disease understanding and personalized medicine, contributing to advancements in healthcare research and diagnostics globally.

6.Axio Biosolutions

  • Overview: Established in 2008, Axio Biosolutions is renowned for its innovations in advanced wound care products.
  • Innovation: Created Axiostat, a hemostatic dressing that stops bleeding within minutes, transforming emergency medical care.
  • Impact: Axio’s products have revolutionized wound management, saving lives and improving outcomes in emergency situations across India and globally.

7.Oncostem Diagnostics

  • Overview: Founded in 2011, Oncostem specializes in developing diagnostic solutions for cancer.
  • Innovation: Developed CanAssist-Breast, a diagnostic tool predicting cancer recurrence in early-stage breast cancer patients.
  • Impact: Oncostem’s precision diagnostic tools have improved cancer treatment outcomes, personalized medicine approaches, and enhanced healthcare delivery in India and abroad.

8.Forus Health

  • Overview: Founded in 2010, Forus Health focuses on innovative eye care technologies.
  • Innovation: Introduced 3nethra, a portable eye screening device for rapid detection of multiple eye conditions.
  • Impact: Forus Health’s technologies have democratized eye care, particularly in underserved areas, improving access to early diagnosis and treatment across India and other developing regions.

9.Zumutor Biologics

  • Overview: Zumutor Biologics specializes in immuno-oncology therapeutics.
  • Innovation: Developed ZM008, a novel immuno-oncology therapeutic targeting cancer cells.
  • Impact: Zumutor’s advancements in immuno-oncology have opened new treatment avenues for cancer patients, contributing to the global fight against cancer and fostering biotech innovation in India.

10.Xcode Life Sciences

  • Overview: Founded in 2011, Xcode Life Sciences focuses on genetic testing and analysis.
  • Innovation: Launched the world’s first online platform for genetic counseling, providing personalized genetic health advice.
  • Impact: Xcode’s genetic testing services have empowered individuals to understand their genetic predispositions, promoting proactive healthcare and advancing genetic research in India and beyond.

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