July 20, 2024

Top 10 Health and Wellness Startups in India

"Discover India's leading health and wellness startups revolutionizing the sector with innovative platforms and services. From integrated fitness solutions and digital healthcare platforms to AI-powered telemedicine and online pharmacies, these startups are reshaping healthcare delivery. Explore how each startup is leveraging technology to provide personalized wellness solutions, improve accessibility to medical services, and enhance overall health outcomes across the country."

These top 10 health and wellness startups in India represent a diverse range of innovative platforms transforming the healthcare landscape. From integrated fitness and mental wellness services offered by Cure.fit to digital healthcare platforms like Practo connecting patients with doctors, each startup brings unique solutions to improve accessibility, affordability, and effectiveness of healthcare services. Innovations such as AI-powered telemedicine (mfine), online pharmacy services (PharmEasy, Netmeds), and personalized nutrition guidance (HealthifyMe, Grow Fit) demonstrate how technology is being harnessed to cater to diverse health needs. These startups not only simplify access to healthcare but also promote holistic wellness through data-driven insights and convenient service delivery models.


  • Overview: Cure.fit has integrated various facets of wellness including fitness, mental wellness, nutrition, and healthcare under one platform, making holistic health management accessible through its Cult.fit, Eat.fit, Mind.fit, and Care.fit offerings.
  • Innovation: By combining multiple health services into a single app, Cure.fit innovates by providing convenience and personalized wellness solutions through technology.
  • Impact: It has significantly impacted how individuals approach their health by offering seamless access to fitness classes, healthy food options, mental wellness programs, and primary healthcare services, thereby promoting a comprehensive approach to well-being.


  • Overview: Practo is a digital healthcare platform that connects patients with doctors and facilitates online consultations, diagnostic test bookings, and electronic health records management.
  • Innovation: Its platform innovates by bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, offering a streamlined process for accessing medical services remotely.
  • Impact: Practo has revolutionized healthcare accessibility by providing a user-friendly interface for consultations and health management, thus enhancing efficiency and convenience in healthcare delivery.


  • Overview: 1mg is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform that enables users to order medicines, book lab tests, and gain comprehensive information about medicines and their substitutes.
  • Innovation: It innovates by integrating pharmacy services with health information, ensuring transparency and empowering users to make informed healthcare decisions.
  • Impact: 1mg has made healthcare more accessible by providing a platform where users can easily access medicines, diagnostic tests, and reliable information, thereby enhancing health outcomes and affordability.


  • Overview: HealthifyMe is an AI-powered fitness and weight loss coaching app that offers personalized diet plans, workout routines, and guidance from certified nutritionists and trainers.
  • Innovation: Using AI, HealthifyMe innovates by providing tailored health solutions based on individual data, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of fitness and nutrition planning.
  • Impact: It has empowered users to achieve their health goals effectively by tracking food intake, physical activity, and offering personalized advice, contributing to improved lifestyle choices and health outcomes.


  • Overview: PharmEasy is an online pharmacy and healthcare delivery service that offers doorstep delivery of medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostic services in collaboration with local pharmacies.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in optimizing the delivery of healthcare products and services through a tech-enabled platform, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  • Impact: PharmEasy has simplified the process of buying medicines and accessing healthcare services, especially in remote areas, while also offering cost-effective solutions through discounts and partnerships with local pharmacies.


  • Overview: mfine is an AI-powered telemedicine platform connecting patients with doctors across various specialties for online consultations, diagnostics, and treatment plans.
  • Innovation: It innovates by leveraging AI to provide real-time medical advice and consultations, enhancing access to healthcare services anytime, anywhere.
  • Impact: mfine has transformed healthcare delivery by offering timely consultations and specialized care, particularly beneficial in areas with limited access to healthcare professionals, thereby improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.


  • Overview: NirogStreet is a healthcare platform focused on Ayurveda, connecting patients with Ayurvedic doctors for online consultations, medicines, and wellness products.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in promoting traditional Indian medicine through a digital platform, ensuring widespread accessibility and awareness of Ayurveda.
  • Impact: NirogStreet has revitalized interest in Ayurveda by providing authentic consultations and products, thus contributing to holistic health management and wellness promotion.


  • Overview: Netmeds is an online pharmacy offering a wide range of prescription medicines, OTC products, and health supplements with doorstep delivery across India.
  • Innovation: It innovates by providing a reliable platform for purchasing medicines and health products online, emphasizing authenticity and affordability.
  • Impact: Netmeds has enhanced healthcare accessibility by facilitating easy and secure online transactions for medicines, meeting the growing demand for convenience and reliability in healthcare services.

9.Grow Fit

  • Overview: Grow Fit combines technology with nutrition science to offer personalized diet plans, health advice, and healthy meal options delivered to users’ doorsteps.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in using data analytics to provide customized nutrition plans and lifestyle recommendations, promoting long-term health improvements.
  • Impact: Grow Fit has empowered users to make informed dietary choices and adopt healthier lifestyles, thereby contributing to improved wellness outcomes and overall quality of life.

10.Portea Medical

  • Overview: Portea Medical offers home healthcare services including doctor visits, nursing care, physiotherapy, medical equipment rental, and diagnostic tests at home.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in providing comprehensive healthcare services at patients’ homes, ensuring comfort and continuity of care beyond traditional hospital settings.
  • Impact: Portea Medical has improved patient convenience and care continuity by bringing essential healthcare services to people’s homes, especially benefiting elderly patients and those with chronic conditions.

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