July 20, 2024

Top 10 Augmented Reality Startups in India

Discover the top 10 augmented reality startups in India, transforming industries with innovative AR and VR solutions. From PlayShifu's educational games to AjnaLens's advanced headsets, and Orbo's virtual beauty trials, these startups are making significant impacts. Explore how Scapic's no-code platform, Smartivity's educational toys, Simulanis's training modules, CUSMAT's cloud-based LMS, mirrAR's fashion try-ons, Practically's STEM learning app, and Plutomen's collaboration tools are revolutionizing their respective fields.

Explore the top 10 augmented reality startups in India, leading the way in innovation and impact. PlayShifu enhances STEM education with AR-based games, while AjnaLens offers advanced AR and VR headsets. Scapic simplifies AR content creation, and Smartivity integrates AR into educational toys. Orbo revolutionizes beauty with virtual trials, and Simulanis provides immersive industrial training. CUSMAT leverages AR and VR for multi-industry training, mirrAR enables virtual fashion try-ons, Practically makes STEM learning interactive, and Plutomen enhances virtual collaboration in various industries.


Overview: PlayShifu is an AR-based educational startup offering interactive STEM games like Shifu Orboot, Shifu Plugo, and Shifu Tacto. Founded in 2016 and based in Bengaluru, it integrates its products with classroom learning experiences.

Innovation: The company stands out for creating immersive AR educational tools that combine physical and digital play, enhancing children’s learning experiences through interactive, hands-on activities.

Impact: PlayShifu has revolutionized educational toys by making STEM learning engaging and accessible, helping children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way.


Overview: AjnaLens, founded in 2014 and located in Mumbai, designs and develops advanced AR and VR technologies, including mixed reality VR devices and headsets with comprehensive features.

Innovation: AjnaLens innovates with its high-tech AR and VR headsets, offering integrated features like wifi, speakers, and bluetooth, aimed at providing an immersive and seamless mixed reality experience.

Impact: The startup is making significant strides in industries such as education, training, and defense by offering advanced mixed reality solutions that enhance learning and operational efficiencies.


Overview: Scapic provides a no-code, web-based platform for creating virtual, augmented, and 3D experiences, supporting various XR platforms. It was founded in 2016 in Bengaluru and has been acquired.

Innovation: Scapic’s platform democratizes the creation of AR and VR content by allowing users to easily create immersive experiences through customizable templates, without requiring technical skills.

Impact: By enabling businesses to quickly and efficiently create engaging AR and VR content, Scapic has empowered companies like Walmart and Myntra to enhance their customer engagement and marketing strategies.


Overview: Smartivity, based in Delhi and founded in 2015, offers AR-based educational toys and kits that blend learning and play. Their products include activity boxes and 3D coloring sheets.

Innovation: The startup introduces a subscription-based model for educational toys, integrating augmented reality to make learning activities more engaging and interactive for children.

Impact: Smartivity’s products promote active learning and creativity in children, providing parents and educators with innovative tools to support children’s cognitive and motor skills development.


Overview: Orbo, established in 2017 and located in Mumbai, specializes in AI-based virtual trial solutions for beauty brands, offering advanced facial measurement and image processing technologies.

Innovation: Orbo’s solutions include virtual beauty and hair trials, smart mirrors, and facial tracking SDKs, leveraging AI to provide precise and personalized beauty experiences.

Impact: Orbo’s technologies have transformed the beauty industry by enhancing customer experience through personalized, virtual trials, reducing the need for physical product sampling.


Overview: Founded in 2013 in Delhi, Simulanis provides AR and VR-based training solutions across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, automotive, and oil & gas.

Innovation: Simulanis combines AR, VR, and MR technologies with features like motion tracking and data analytics to create comprehensive training modules that simulate real-world scenarios.

Impact: By enhancing workforce training and productivity through immersive simulations, Simulanis helps industries improve safety, efficiency, and skill development among their employees.


Overview: CUSMAT, a Bengaluru-based startup founded in 2016, offers a cloud-based LMS platform using AR and VR to enhance training and performance evaluation across various industries.

Innovation: The platform integrates augmented and virtual reality to provide an immersive learning experience, enabling users to assess and improve their performance in a virtual environment.

Impact: CUSMAT’s innovative approach to training and performance evaluation has enhanced operational efficiencies and skill development in sectors like mining, logistics, and construction.


Overview: Founded in 2015 and based in Gurgaon, mirrAR provides AR-based virtual try-on solutions for fashion businesses, allowing users to visualize and explore 3D designs of products.

Innovation: The startup leverages AR to offer realistic virtual trials for products like jewelry and eyewear, enhancing the shopping experience by allowing customers to try before they buy.

Impact: mirrAR’s solutions have significantly improved customer engagement and satisfaction in the fashion industry, helping businesses reduce return rates and increase sales.


Overview: Practically, based in Hyderabad and founded in 2018, offers an AR-based STEM learning app that uses simulations and 3D videos to facilitate practical and experiential learning for students.

Innovation: The platform’s combination of AR, AI assistance, and live classes provides a comprehensive educational experience, making complex STEM concepts more accessible and engaging.

Impact: Practically has transformed STEM education by providing interactive and practical learning tools that improve conceptual understanding and retention among students.


Overview: Plutomen, established in 2016 in Ahmedabad, offers AR-based tools for virtual collaboration, including real-time monitoring, workflow digitization, and remote visual assistance.

Innovation: The startup’s software solutions enable industries to enhance their operational processes through augmented reality, facilitating tasks like error tracking and visual work instructions.

Impact: Plutomen’s AR tools have improved efficiency and collaboration in sectors like manufacturing and construction, providing innovative solutions for training, monitoring, and task management.

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