July 20, 2024

Top 10 Construction Tech Startups in India

"Explore India's leading Construction Tech startups revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions in materials procurement, project management software, VR-based design, and 3D printing. Discover how these companies are enhancing efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in construction across the country."

The top Construction Tech startups in India are pioneering advancements in the industry with innovative solutions tailored for efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced project management. From Infra.Market’s online marketplace for construction materials procurement to Brick&Bolt’s tech-enabled construction services, these companies are redefining how projects are planned, executed, and managed. Powerplay offers SaaS-driven software for seamless communication and collaboration among construction professionals, while Flipspaces utilizes AR for immersive interior design solutions. SoftTech Engineers streamlines regulatory compliance with their ERP solutions, and Tvasta introduces 3D printing technology for sustainable construction practices. Each startup brings unique technological innovations aimed at transforming the construction landscape in India.


  • Overview: Infra.Market is an online marketplace for construction materials procurement, offering a wide array of products like cement and ready-mix concrete. It integrates cloud manufacturing and value-chain control, streamlining procurement processes.
  • Innovation: Their platform includes features like equipment banking and automated invoicing, enhancing transparency and efficiency in material sourcing.
  • Impact: Infra.Market reduces procurement costs, improves logistics, and ensures quality control, catering to diverse construction needs across India.


  • Overview: Brick&Bolt is a tech-enabled construction company specializing in residential and commercial projects. They offer end-to-end solutions from design to build, simplifying the construction process.
  • Innovation: Their approach utilizes technology to streamline project management and execution, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.
  • Impact: Brick&Bolt enhances construction quality, reduces project timelines, and offers transparent pricing, transforming how construction projects are executed in India.


  • Overview: Powerplay provides SaaS-driven communication and collaboration software for construction professionals. It includes features like progress tracking and automated reporting accessible via mobile apps.
  • Innovation: Their platform improves project visibility and team coordination, optimizing workflow efficiency and project outcomes.
  • Impact: Powerplay reduces project delays, enhances communication among stakeholders, and improves overall project management capabilities in the construction sector.


  • Overview: Flipspaces offers AR-based interior design services primarily for commercial spaces. They provide VR-based 3D visualization and project management solutions.
  • Innovation: Their technology allows for virtual design previews and modular furniture manufacturing, enhancing design accuracy and client engagement.
  • Impact: Flipspaces accelerates design iterations, reduces costs, and improves design precision, catering to diverse commercial interior design needs across India.

5.SoftTech Engineers:

  • Overview: SoftTech Engineers provides building planning and ERP solutions for the AEC industry. Their software suite includes AutoDCR for plan scrutiny and Opticon for enterprise-level project management.
  • Innovation: They integrate technology to streamline regulatory compliance and project oversight, enhancing operational efficiency for construction enterprises.
  • Impact: SoftTech Engineers improves building plan approvals, project transparency, and operational effectiveness, supporting sustainable growth in the construction sector.


  • Overview: Bandhoo operates an online marketplace connecting construction professionals with contractors. It simplifies job posting and application processes via its mobile app.
  • Innovation: Their platform facilitates efficient workforce management and job matching, optimizing labor resource utilization in the construction industry.
  • Impact: Bandhoo reduces hiring times, improves labor market transparency, and fosters collaboration between contractors and skilled workers across India.


  • Overview: Foyr offers a VR platform for visualizing real estate spaces and interior designs. They cater to homeowners, professionals, and builders with virtual design tools and project management solutions.
  • Innovation: Their VR technology enhances design visualization and project showcase, facilitating better decision-making and design outcomes.
  • Impact: Foyr improves design accuracy, accelerates project timelines, and enhances client engagement, setting new standards in real estate interior design practices in India.


  • Overview: Tvasta specializes in 3D printing technology for the construction sector. They design and develop 3D printers and materials tailored for on-site construction material manufacturing.
  • Innovation: Their technology promotes sustainable construction practices by reducing material waste and offering cost-effective building solutions.
  • Impact: Tvasta accelerates construction timelines, lowers construction costs, and supports eco-friendly building practices with advanced 3D printing solutions.


  • Overview: BuildNext is a tech-enabled construction company focusing on customized home building solutions. They offer VR-based experiences and project-tracking apps for personalized construction services.
  • Innovation: Their VR tools and optimal design scoring streamline project planning and execution, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Impact: BuildNext enhances construction efficiency, delivers tailored construction solutions, and improves customer experience with innovative technology in residential construction across India.

10.Arth Design Build:

  • Overview: Arth Design Build provides project management software (‘LivBIM’) and construction design solutions. They offer automated scheduling, document management, and real-time progress tracking features.
  • Innovation: Their software enhances project coordination and workflow efficiency, optimizing project management for construction teams.
  • Impact: Arth Design Build improves project delivery timelines, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances collaboration among construction stakeholders, driving productivity and project success in India.

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