July 20, 2024

Top 10 Cybersecurity Startups in India

"Discover India's leading cybersecurity startups revolutionizing digital security with innovative solutions. Explore insights into Seclore, IDfy, Signzy, Quick Heal, Simility, HyperVerge, Digio, Accuknox, CloudSEK, and Uniken, offering advanced data protection, fraud detection, endpoint security, and more. Learn how these pioneering firms are safeguarding businesses against evolving cyber threats."

“Discover India’s most innovative cybersecurity startups reshaping digital defense with cutting-edge technologies. From data-centric security platforms like Seclore and Simility to AI-driven solutions from IDfy and CloudSEK, explore how these companies are tackling cyber threats across industries. Learn about their impact in safeguarding sensitive data, enhancing digital trust, and ensuring robust security measures for businesses and organizations.”


  • Overview: Seclore provides enterprise data security software focusing on data-centric security solutions across various platforms and applications.
  • Innovation: Their platform enables dynamic control over sensitive data both within and outside organizational boundaries, ensuring protection and compliance.
  • Impact: Seclore’s solutions empower enterprises to secure and track their data comprehensively, enhancing data protection measures globally.


  • Overview: IDfy offers an online platform for identity verification and KYC compliance, catering to financial services, insurers, and recruiters.
  • Innovation: Utilizes AI and data science for fraud detection and verification, including video KYC and face validation technologies.
  • Impact: IDfy’s solutions streamline customer onboarding and verification processes, reducing fraud risks and ensuring regulatory compliance efficiently.


  • Overview: Signzy provides digital banking infrastructure, offering a no-code platform for seamless onboarding and workflow customization.
  • Innovation: Enables financial institutions to integrate APIs and automate compliance processes like KYC and AML.
  • Impact: Signzy’s platform enhances operational efficiency and compliance adherence for banks and enterprises, optimizing customer onboarding experiences.

4.Quick Heal

  • Overview: Quick Heal delivers cloud-based endpoint security solutions, specializing in antivirus software for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.
  • Innovation: Provides robust cybersecurity protection against evolving cyber threats and malware attacks.
  • Impact: Quick Heal’s solutions safeguard millions of users and businesses, ensuring secure digital experiences across devices and platforms.


  • Overview: Simility offers an enterprise fraud detection platform powered by big data analytics and machine learning capabilities.
  • Innovation: Provides customizable fraud prevention solutions adaptable to diverse industry fraud use cases.
  • Impact: Simility helps businesses combat fraud effectively with real-time insights and adaptive fraud detection strategies, securing transactions and operations.


  • Overview: HyperVerge specializes in deep-learning technology for digital KYC, fraud detection, and data verification solutions.
  • Innovation: Uses AI-driven image recognition for advanced digital identity verification and document analysis.
  • Impact: HyperVerge’s technology enhances security and efficiency in financial services, telecom, and government sectors, ensuring accurate data validation and fraud prevention.


  • Overview: Digio provides API-enabled digital KYC and document management solutions for banks and enterprises.
  • Innovation: Automates digital signing, KYC processes, and document verification through Aadhaar integration and video-based verification.
  • Impact: Digio simplifies customer onboarding and compliance processes, offering secure and seamless digital transactions for financial institutions.


  • Overview: Accuknox offers cloud container security solutions with features like anomaly detection, workload monitoring, and API integrations.
  • Innovation: Provides continuous security monitoring and compliance management for cloud-native environments.
  • Impact: Accuknox strengthens cloud security posture, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats and vulnerabilities in dynamic cloud infrastructures.


  • Overview: CloudSEK provides AI-based cyber risk and threat intelligence platforms that monitor enterprise digital footprints and detect threats.
  • Innovation: Utilizes AI to scan surface and dark web for identifying security risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Impact: CloudSEK’s platform enhances proactive threat detection and digital risk management, safeguarding enterprises from emerging cyber threats.


  • Overview: Uniken offers REL-ID, a secure digital access solution that ensures encrypted app-to-app communications and mutual authentication.
  • Innovation: Protects digital interactions and data assets from unauthorized access and DNS hijacking threats.
  • Impact: Uniken’s solution provides robust cybersecurity measures, recognized for enhancing digital security and protecting sensitive data across enterprise networks.

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