July 20, 2024
"Discover the cutting-edge innovations reshaping India's real estate landscape with our comprehensive guide to the top PropTech startups. From streamlined property transactions to curated rental solutions, explore how these technology-driven platforms are revolutionizing the way Indians buy, sell, and rent properties."

“Explore India’s dynamic real estate sector through the lens of innovative PropTech startups. From revolutionizing property search to offering hassle-free rental solutions, these tech-driven platforms are reshaping the way Indians engage with real estate. Discover streamlined processes, transparent transactions, and personalized experiences, empowering buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants alike in navigating the evolving landscape of property transactions.”


  • Overview: Nest Away offers managed house renting services, refurbishing non-branded, unfurnished homes into fully renovated flats for tenants.
  • Innovation: Nest Away’s innovation lies in its approach to transforming traditional rental housing into modern, well-maintained living spaces through design and technology.
  • Impact: Nest Away provides a convenient solution for both landlords and tenants, offering improved leasing options, seamless transactions, and increased rent potential, thereby enhancing the overall rental experience.
WebsiteNest Away
AddressHSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka 560102, IN
Employee Size201-500 employees
Customer Testimonial“NestAway has improved its service a lot…Big thanks to NestAway and Eqaro for this.”
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  • Overview: Magic Bricks is a property search platform providing users with regional suggestions, project recommendations, and real estate news.
  • Innovation: Magic Bricks innovates by offering advanced search algorithms, property index tools, and comprehensive resources for buyers, streamlining the property search process.
  • Impact: Magic Bricks empowers users with valuable insights and guidance, facilitating informed decision-making in property transactions and contributing to a more efficient real estate market in India.
WebsiteMagic Bricks
AddressTimes Centre, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, IN
Employee Size501-1,000 employees
Customer TestimonialTruly, Magicbricks.com rocks!
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  • Overview: Furlenco offers rental furniture and home decor services tailored to urban Indian lifestyles.
  • Innovation: Furlenco innovates by providing curated furniture collections, professional design services, and hassle-free rental experiences, enabling customers to furnish their homes conveniently and affordably.
  • Impact: Furlenco revolutionizes the furniture rental industry, offering flexibility, quality, and style to urban dwellers, enhancing their living spaces without the burden of ownership or high costs.
AddressFurlenco, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, IN
Employee Size201-500 employees
Customer TestimonialGood services, on-time delivery, professionalism, and quality products with Furlenco.
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  • Overview: Clicbrics is an online real estate platform offering comprehensive property information and guidance to buyers.
  • Innovation: Clicbrics innovates by leveraging technology to provide buyers with detailed property insights, personalized recommendations, and direct access to real estate professionals, simplifying the home buying process.
  • Impact: Clicbrics empowers buyers with transparency, choice, and expert assistance, facilitating smoother property transactions and fostering trust in the real estate market.
AddressGurgaon, Haryana, IN
Employee Size201-500 employees
Customer TestimonialClicbrics is one of the best service providers I have come across in the Real Estate Industry.
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  • Overview: NoBroker facilitates direct property transactions between buyers, sellers, and renters without brokerage fees.
  • Innovation: NoBroker’s innovation lies in its online platform, which connects users directly, eliminating the need for traditional brokers and reducing transaction costs.
  • Impact: NoBroker disrupts the traditional brokerage model, offering cost-effective solutions, increased transparency, and greater convenience to users, revolutionizing the way properties are bought, sold, and rented in India.
Address374 23rd Cross Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, IN
Employee Size1,001-5,000 employees
Customer TestimonialExcellent service and an equally involved team.
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  • Overview: Infra.Market operates an online marketplace connecting builders with infrastructure materials, offering a wide range of construction supplies.
  • Innovation: Infra.Market innovates by digitizing the procurement process, providing builders with a one-stop platform for sourcing materials, managing orders, and tracking deliveries.
  • Impact: Infra.Market streamlines the construction supply chain, offering builders competitive prices, reliable delivery, and enhanced efficiency, ultimately contributing to cost savings and project timelines.
AddressThane, Maharashtra, IN
Employee Size501-1,000 employees
Customer TestimonialWe would like to thank the entire team at Infra Market for their exceptional service and timely delivery.
Infra.market Details in Table


  • Overview: Livspace is a home design platform offering personalized design services, virtual home exploration, and curated product catalogs.
  • Innovation: Livspace innovates by combining technology with design expertise, allowing customers to visualize and customize their living spaces digitally before making purchase decisions.
  • Impact: Livspace transforms interior design, offering homeowners convenient tools, expert guidance, and quality products, resulting in personalized and aesthetically pleasing homes tailored to individual preferences.
AddressKasturba Road, Bangalore – 560001
Employee Size1,001-5,000 employees
Customer TestimonialThis house is a part of me…We reached out to Livspace and they designed the house that we really wanted.
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  • Overview: PropTiger is an online real estate consultant providing data-driven insights, transaction support, and property-related services.
  • Innovation: PropTiger innovates by leveraging data analytics and technology to offer customers transparent and efficient property transactions, supported by expert advice and assistance.
  • Impact: PropTiger empowers buyers with comprehensive information, analysis, and guidance, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing trust in the real estate market.
AddressEchelon Square, Plot No. 25, Sector 32, Gurgaon – 122001, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, IN
Employee Size1,001-5,000 employees
Customer TestimonialGot the best interest rate with PropTiger and the documentation work was so smooth.
PropTiger Details in Table

9.Square Yards:

  • Overview: Square Yards is a real estate portal offering search tools, mortgage services, and comprehensive support throughout the home buying journey.
  • Innovation: Square Yards innovates by integrating advanced technologies such as heatmaps, recommendation engines, and virtual sales offices to enhance the property search and buying experience.
  • Impact: Square Yards provides customers with a seamless and immersive home buying journey, offering tailored solutions, expert guidance, and efficient transaction support, ultimately simplifying the process of property acquisition.
WebsiteSquare Yards
AddressGurugram, Haryana, IN
Employee Size1,001-5,000 employees
Customer TestimonialSquare Yards made it possible for me to make the right choice.
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10.Zolo Stays:

  • Overview: Zolo Stays provides rental accommodations without brokerage fees, leveraging technology for seamless transactions and property management.
  • Innovation: Zolo Stays innovates by offering tech-enabled rental solutions, including online booking, virtual tours, and digital payments, optimizing the rental experience for both tenants and landlords.
  • Impact: Zolo Stays revolutionizes the rental market, offering convenience, transparency, and affordability to tenants while providing landlords with efficient property management solutions, ultimately transforming the way people live and rent in India.
WebsiteZolo Stays
AddressHSR Layout Junction, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, IN
Employee Size501-1,000 employees
Zolo Stays Details in Table

FAQ on Top 10 PropTech Startups in India

Q1.What is PropTech?

  • PropTech refers to the use of technology in the real estate industry to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve user experiences for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.

Q2.What are the top PropTech startups in India?

  • The top 10 PropTech startups in India include NestAway, MagicBricks, Furlenco, Clicbrics, NoBroker, Infra.Market, Livspace, PropTiger, Square Yards, and Zolo Stays.

Q3.What services do these startups offer?

  • These startups offer a range of services including managed house renting, property search platforms, rental furniture and home decor services, online real estate platforms, direct property transactions without brokerage fees, construction materials marketplace, home design platforms, online real estate consultancy, and rental accommodations without brokerage fees.

Q4.What are some key features of these startups?

  • Key features include curated property listings, personalized recommendations, virtual tours, transparent transactions, expert guidance, cost-effective solutions, and seamless rental experiences.

Q5.How do these startups leverage technology?

  • These startups leverage technology through online platforms, mobile apps, data analytics, AI-driven algorithms, virtual reality, and augmented reality to offer innovative solutions, streamline processes, and enhance user interactions.

Q6.What are the benefits of using these PropTech startups?

  • The benefits include convenience, transparency, cost savings, time efficiency, personalized experiences, access to comprehensive information, and expert assistance throughout the property buying, selling, or renting journey.

Q7.Are these startups available nationwide in India?

  • Yes, most of these startups operate nationwide in India, serving customers across various cities and regions.

Q8.How do customers provide feedback or testimonials for these startups?

  • Customers can provide feedback or testimonials through various channels such as the startup’s website, mobile app, social media platforms, or customer support channels.

Q9.Are there any fees associated with using these startups?

  • The fee structures vary depending on the services offered by each startup. Some startups may charge fees for specific services while others operate on a commission-based model or offer freemium options.

Q10.Can these startups be trusted for property transactions?

  • Yes, these startups have gained credibility and trust in the market over the years by providing reliable services, transparent transactions, and satisfactory customer experiences. However, customers are advised to conduct their due diligence before engaging in any property transactions.

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