July 20, 2024

Top 10 Language Learning Startups in India

Discover the top 10 language learning startups in India for 2023, revolutionizing how people learn languages with innovative platforms like EngVarta, Entri, and Bhasha. These startups offer tailored courses, live expert interactions, and cultural immersion programs, making language acquisition accessible and effective. Whether you're aiming to improve spoken English or master Indian languages, these startups cater to diverse linguistic goals, enhancing skills crucial for education, career, and cultural integration.

Here’s a glimpse into the vibrant landscape of language learning startups in India for 2023. EngVarta stands out with its focus on enhancing spoken English skills through live interactions with experts and comprehensive video lessons. Entri offers vernacular learning solutions aimed at empowering individuals with job-specific skills at affordable costs. Bhasha promotes Indian language learning with expert guidance, fostering cultural and linguistic understanding. These startups, including Language Curry, Language Fluent, and Lanstitut, are redefining language education through innovative approaches, addressing varied learning needs from corporate training to cultural immersion programs. Whether it’s mastering English or exploring regional languages, these platforms cater to a diverse audience, making language learning engaging, effective, and accessible across India.


  • Overview: Bhasha focuses on promoting the learning of Indian languages through expert guidance, catering to diverse linguistic needs.
  • Innovation: It innovates by offering structured courses that emphasize cultural context and expert-curated content, enhancing language acquisition.
  • Impact: Bhasha facilitates cultural preservation and linguistic diversity, enabling users to connect more deeply with India’s rich heritage and communicate effectively in local languages.


  • Overview: EngVarta provides a platform for spoken English practice with live experts, complemented by free video lessons and practice tips.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in combining live interaction with AI-driven practice modules, offering personalized learning experiences.
  • Impact: EngVarta helps users improve spoken English proficiency, boosting confidence in communication skills crucial for academic, professional, and social contexts.


  • Overview: Entri is a vernacular learning platform aimed at enhancing employability by imparting job-specific skills through expert-guided courses.
  • Innovation: It innovates by providing affordable, vernacular language support for skill development, catering to diverse career aspirations.
  • Impact: Entri empowers users, particularly in non-urban areas, to access quality education and improve job prospects, thereby contributing to socio-economic growth.

4.Get Started

  • Overview: Get Started bridges the gap between education and employment by offering courses that build creative careers and digital skills.
  • Innovation: It innovates by focusing on practical skill-building aligned with industry demands, preparing users for future job markets.
  • Impact: By equipping learners with relevant skills, Get Started enhances employability and career readiness, fostering a smoother transition from education to professional life.

5.Language Curry

  • Overview: Language Curry specializes in Indian language learning, offering a curriculum designed by language experts to promote proficiency.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in providing structured courses that cater specifically to Indian languages, integrating cultural nuances.
  • Impact: Language Curry supports multilingualism and cultural integration, facilitating effective communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds within India.

6.Language Fluent

  • Overview: Language Fluent offers comprehensive language learning, translation, interpretation, and study abroad assistance for students and professionals.
  • Innovation: It innovates by providing a one-stop platform for language-related services, including academic support and cross-cultural communication.
  • Impact: By breaking language barriers, Language Fluent promotes global mobility and enhances educational and career opportunities on an international scale.


  • Overview: Lanstitut focuses on experiential language learning through cultural immersion programs and intensive foreign language training.
  • Innovation: It innovates by combining language education with immersive cultural experiences, fostering deep linguistic and cultural understanding.
  • Impact: Lanstitut prepares students to be global citizens capable of effective cross-cultural communication, thereby facilitating international cooperation and understanding.

8.Master Spellers

  • Overview: Master Spellers offers a competitive framework for learning English, emphasizing spelling and language nuances through self-motivated participation.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in gamifying language learning to make it engaging and effective, particularly in improving spelling and grammar skills.
  • Impact: By enhancing literacy and language proficiency, Master Spellers cultivates a strong foundation in English language skills essential for academic and professional success.


  • Overview: Multibhashi focuses on intuitive language learning outcomes through AI-driven personalized courses and gamified learning experiences.
  • Innovation: It innovates by leveraging AI technology to tailor learning paths, making language acquisition enjoyable and effective.
  • Impact: Multibhashi democratizes language learning, making it accessible and fun, thereby improving user confidence and proficiency in multiple languages.


  • Overview: OckyPocky is an interactive English learning app for preschoolers, offering blended learning pedagogy through storytelling and games.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in integrating interactive storytelling with language learning, catering to the developmental needs of young children.
  • Impact: OckyPocky enhances early childhood education by fostering English language skills in a playful and engaging manner, preparing children for academic success and lifelong learning.

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