July 20, 2024

Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

The top 10 financial inclusion startups in India are revolutionizing access to financial services through innovation and technology. From digital payments and lending solutions to gold-backed loans and personal finance management apps, these startups like Paytm, PhonePe, and BharatPe are empowering small businesses and underserved communities. They're enhancing financial literacy, promoting cashless transactions, and providing seamless banking experiences, ultimately driving economic growth and inclusivity across the country's diverse landscape.

These top 10 financial inclusion startups in India are leading the charge in transforming the financial services landscape through innovation and digital solutions. They offer a range of services from digital payments and lending to personal finance management and gold-backed loans, catering to diverse needs across the country. With a strong focus on accessibility and convenience, these startups are not only expanding financial inclusion but also promoting economic empowerment by providing easier access to credit, streamlined banking services, and innovative payment solutions, thereby fostering a more inclusive financial ecosystem in India.


  • Overview: Paytm, founded in 2010, began as a digital payment platform and has expanded to offer a range of financial services including digital wallets, online payments, and banking services through Paytm Payments Bank.
  • Innovation: Paytm innovated with QR code payments, seamless money transfers, and integration with merchants for both online and offline transactions.
  • Impact: It has significantly enhanced financial inclusion by providing easy access to digital payments and banking services, particularly benefiting underserved communities and small businesses across India.


  • Overview: Acquired by Flipkart in 2016, PhonePe is a leading digital payments platform offering UPI payments, bill payments, and mobile recharges.
  • Innovation: PhonePe stands out with its user-friendly interface and integration with over 80 banks, enabling seamless transactions for users across various platforms.
  • Impact: It has played a crucial role in promoting cashless transactions and financial literacy among merchants and consumers, contributing to the growth of digital economy in India.


  • Overview: Founded in 2018, BharatPe focuses on empowering small merchants with QR code-based payment solutions and lending services.
  • Innovation: Its key innovation lies in offering instant settlements and integrating with UPI, which simplifies digital transactions for small businesses.
  • Impact: BharatPe has enabled numerous small merchants to accept digital payments without the need for POS machines, thereby accelerating financial inclusion in the informal sector of the economy.

4.NiYO Solutions

  • Overview: NiYO Solutions provides integrated banking services through the NiYO BharatPay card and digital expense management solutions.
  • Innovation: It innovates by streamlining payroll and benefits management for employees, offering digital tools for expense tracking and investment management.
  • Impact: NiYO Solutions has improved financial inclusion by offering accessible banking services to employees and facilitating efficient management of corporate benefits across various sectors.


  • Overview: Lendingkart offers digital lending solutions to SMEs in India, focusing on quick loan processing and customized financial products.
  • Innovation: Using technology-driven algorithms, Lendingkart automates loan processing and eligibility assessments, providing timely financial support to small businesses.
  • Impact: It addresses the credit gap for SMEs, promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth by providing hassle-free access to capital for business expansion and operations.


  • Overview: Rupeek specializes in gold-backed loans, allowing users to pledge gold assets online and receive funds directly into their bank accounts.
  • Innovation: Its innovation includes online gold appraisal, doorstep service for loan disbursement, and competitive interest rates.
  • Impact: Rupeek has made borrowing against gold assets convenient and transparent, catering to individuals and businesses seeking quick access to liquidity without traditional banking formalities.


  • Overview: Founded in 2009, MobiKwik is a digital wallet and payment gateway platform offering a range of services including bill payments, digital credit, and investments.
  • Innovation: MobiKwik innovates with wallet-to-wallet transfers, digital credit through its Blue card, and diverse financial products.
  • Impact: It has enhanced financial inclusion by providing easy access to digital wallets and credit facilities, facilitating convenient financial transactions and management for its users.


  • Overview: Khatabook is a digital ledger app designed for small businesses to digitize credit and accounting processes.
  • Innovation: Its innovation lies in providing a simple interface for recording transactions, sending payment reminders, and integrating with UPI for seamless payments.
  • Impact: Khatabook has empowered small businesses by improving financial transparency, efficiency in credit management, and facilitating easier access to formal financial services.


  • Overview: Slice offers digital financial products tailored for millennials, including a digital credit card and personal finance management app.
  • Innovation: Slice innovates with budgeting tools, rewards on spending, and a focus on cashless payments.
  • Impact: It has catered to the needs of young consumers by providing accessible credit solutions and tools for financial management, promoting responsible spending habits and financial literacy.


  • Overview: ZestMoney is a digital lending platform offering EMI financing options for online purchases, particularly targeting consumers without credit cards.
  • Innovation: Its key innovations include instant loan approval, no-cost EMI options, and a seamless digital KYC process.
  • Impact: ZestMoney has facilitated affordable financing for online shopping, enabling consumers to purchase goods and services on credit, thereby enhancing their purchasing power and digital financial access.

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