July 20, 2024
Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Top 10 Smart City Startups in India revolutionizing urban living with innovative technologies. From electric vehicle charging networks and smart metering solutions to AI-powered video analytics and air quality monitoring, these startups are reshaping urban infrastructure. Learn how they contribute to sustainable development, enhance energy efficiency, and improve citizen services across major cities like Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Jaipur. Explore their impact on fostering smarter, healthier, and more connected communities in India.

Top 10 Smart City Startups in India


Source: statiq.in

Overview: Founded in 2019 and based in Gurgaon, Statiq is a Series A startup that offers an electric vehicle (EV) charging station network. The company has secured $27.5M in funding from investors like Shell and Y Combinator.
Innovation: Statiq’s smartphone application allows users to locate and schedule EV charging stations, facilitating ease of access. Its charging stations are strategically placed in locations such as workplaces, shopping malls, residential complexes, and restaurants.
Impact: By expanding the availability of EV charging infrastructure, Statiq is promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, thereby contributing to reduced carbon emissions and supporting India’s shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

LocationGurgaon, India
FounderAkshit Bansal, Raghav Arora
Founded Year2019
Statiq Details in Table

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2.Gram Power

Source: grampower.com

Overview: Established in 2010 in Jaipur, Gram Power was acquired after developing innovative smart meters for pre-paid electricity and theft detection. The company also provides off-grid microgrids and energy distribution services.
Innovation: Gram Power’s smart meters enable pre-paid electricity usage and help detect theft, enhancing energy management and security. Their off-grid microgrids provide electricity to remote villages.
Impact: Gram Power has improved electricity access and management in rural areas, impacting 19 villages with plans to reach 30 more. Their technology helps reduce electricity theft and wastage, improving energy efficiency and reliability.

LocationJaipur, India
FounderYashraj Khaitan, Jacob Dickinson
Founded Year2010
Gram Power Details in Table

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Source: awiros.com

Overview: Awiros, founded in 2015 and based in Gurgaon, specializes in video intelligence analytics for retailers. The Series A company has raised $7.62M from investors including Reliance Capital and LetsVenture.
Innovation: Awiros offers AI-based software solutions for video and image analytics, transforming video footage into actionable data. This technology supports offline retailers in understanding consumer behavior and enhancing security.
Impact: By providing advanced video analytics, Awiros aids retailers in optimizing operations and improving customer experiences. Their solutions contribute to smarter, data-driven retail environments.

LocationGurgaon, India
FounderVikram Gupta
Founded Year2015
Awiros Details in Table

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4.Trinity Mobility

Source: trinitymobility.com

Overview: Bengaluru-based Trinity Mobility, founded in 2002, is a Series A startup focusing on IoT platforms for connected devices across various applications. The company has received $32.5M in funding from investors like Honeywell and AIC RAISE.
Innovation: Trinity Mobility’s IoT Value Loop framework connects sensors and devices, collects and analyzes data, and presents it through dashboards. It offers specific solutions for smart cities, buildings, logistics, and workforce management.
Impact: Trinity Mobility’s solutions enhance operational efficiency and decision-making in multiple sectors. Their technology supports the development of smarter, more connected urban and industrial environments.

LocationBengaluru, India
FounderN. Kumarasamy
Founded Year2002
Trinity Mobility Details in Table

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Source: genus.in

Overview: Founded in 1992 in Jaipur, Genus is a publicly traded company offering smart street lighting and metering solutions. They serve various sectors including utility providers and smart city planners.
Innovation: Genus provides end-to-end metering solutions, smart meters, and EPC services such as sub-station erection and rural electrification. Their products include advanced metering equipment and energy management systems.
Impact: Genus enhances energy management and infrastructure development, contributing to the modernization of India’s power sector. Their solutions improve energy efficiency and support sustainable urban development.

LocationJaipur, India
FounderIshwar Chand Agarwal
Founded Year1992
Genus Details in Table

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Source: airveda.com

Overview: Airveda, established in 2016 in Gurgaon, offers portable air quality monitoring devices. The seed-stage company has secured $14K in funding.
Innovation: Airveda’s devices are connected to an app that syncs data with a cloud server, providing real-time air quality monitoring and health updates. Their mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS users.
Impact: Airveda’s technology helps individuals and city authorities monitor air quality, promoting healthier environments. Their data-driven insights support actions to improve air quality in urban areas.

LocationGurgaon, India
FounderNamita Gupta
Founded Year2016
Airveda Details in Table

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Source: esyasoft.com

Overview: Founded in 2014 and based in Bengaluru, Esyasoft is a Series a startup providing cloud and IoT-based energy management solutions. The company has raised $4.43M from investors including Startup Karnataka and Enzen.
Innovation: Esyasoft offers smart grid solutions, including meter data management, load management, and big data analytics for energy forecasting. Their integrated suite supports end-to-end smart grid infrastructure.
Impact: Esyasoft’s solutions enhance energy efficiency and automation in commercial spaces. Their technology supports the development of smart utilities, improving energy management and sustainability.

LocationBengaluru, India
FounderPratap Reddy
Founded Year2014
Esyasoft Details in Table

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Source: getambee.com

Overview: Ambee, founded in 2017 and based in Bengaluru, specializes in air quality monitoring solutions. The seed-stage company has raised $2.68M from investors like Techstars and ACT Grants.
Innovation: Ambee provides real-time, hyperlocal environmental data to help cities, companies, and communities mitigate climate change risks. Their technology offers accurate, global climate data.
Impact: Ambee’s data-driven insights aid in combating climate change by informing better environmental policies and actions. Their solutions promote healthier living conditions and sustainability.

LocationBengaluru, India
FounderMadhusudan Anand, Jaideep Singh, Akshay Joshi
Founded Year2017
Ambee Details in Table

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Source: oizom.com

Overview: Ahmedabad-based Oizom, established in 2015, offers air quality monitoring solutions using sensor-based technologies. The seed-stage company has secured $315K in funding.
Innovation: Oizom’s devices capture air quality data and transmit it to cloud servers for analysis. Their products include outdoor and indoor air quality monitors, as well as personal air quality devices.
Impact: Oizom’s technology helps users and authorities monitor and manage air quality, promoting healthier environments. Their real-time data supports actions to improve air quality in urban areas.

LocationAhmedabad, India
FounderAnkit Vyas, Sohil Patel, Pratyush Chakraborty
Founded Year2015
Oizom Details in Table

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Source: ceinsys.com

Overview: Ceinsys, founded in 1998 and based in Nagpur, provides smart technology, consultancy, and analytics solutions in geospatial and engineering domains. The company is publicly traded.
Innovation: Ceinsys offers solutions in transportation, infrastructure, town planning, environmental planning, and 5G network modeling. Their services include integrated 3D models and social sustainability analysis.
Impact: Ceinsys supports urban planning and infrastructure development with their advanced geospatial and engineering solutions. Their technology contributes to the creation of smarter, more sustainable cities.

LocationNagpur, India
FounderAbhijit Pawar
Founded Year1998
Ceinsys Details in Table

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FAQ on Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Q1.What are smart city startups in India?
Smart city startups in India focus on leveraging technology to enhance urban living through solutions like IoT platforms, energy management, air quality monitoring, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Q2.How do these startups innovate?
They innovate by integrating advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, and cloud computing into urban infrastructure, enabling efficient resource management and improving citizen services.

Q3.What impact do these startups have on cities?
These startups contribute to sustainable development by improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing public safety, and promoting healthier living environments through their innovative solutions.

Q4.Which cities in India do these startups primarily operate in?
They operate across major cities like Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad, deploying their technologies to address local urban challenges and improve city management.

Q5.How do smart metering solutions by these startups benefit cities?
Smart metering solutions help cities manage electricity usage effectively, detect theft, and optimize energy distribution, leading to reduced energy wastage and improved service reliability.

Q6.What role do air quality monitoring startups play in urban environments?
Air quality monitoring startups provide real-time data on pollution levels, enabling authorities to implement timely measures for improving air quality and public health.

Q7.Why are electric vehicle charging infrastructure startups crucial for smart cities?
These startups support the adoption of electric vehicles by developing widespread charging infrastructure, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels and promotes sustainable transportation.

Q8.How do video analytics solutions benefit urban retailers?
Video analytics solutions help retailers optimize operations, enhance security, and understand customer behavior patterns, thereby improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Q9.What are the challenges faced by these startups in scaling their solutions?
Challenges include regulatory hurdles, funding for large-scale deployment, technological integration, and convincing stakeholders of the long-term benefits of smart city solutions.

Q10.How can these startups contribute to India’s goal of building smart cities?
By continuing to innovate and collaborate with government bodies and private sectors, these startups can play a pivotal role in transforming Indian cities into smarter, more sustainable, and efficient urban spaces.

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