June 18, 2024

Pakistan Refrains from Congratulating PM Modi, Stresses Neighbourly Ties

Pakistan Refrains from Congratulating PM Modi, Stresses Neighbourly Ties

Summary : Pakistan refrains from congratulating PM Modi on his electoral victory, emphasizing the right of Indian citizens to choose their leadership. Pakistan expresses a desire for cordial relations with India, advocating for dialogue to resolve disputes. India maintains openness to talks but stresses the centrality of addressing terrorism. The nuanced relationship between the two nations remains crucial for regional stability.

Pakistan reiterated its desire for amicable relations with all its neighbors, including India, expressing a commitment to resolving disputes through dialogue. The statement from Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch comes on the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anticipated third consecutive term in office.

Following the landslide victory of the National Democratic Alliance, led by PM Modi, securing 293 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, questions arose regarding Pakistan’s response. When asked if Pakistan had congratulated PM Modi on his electoral triumph, Ms. Baloch emphasized the right of Indian citizens to determine their leadership.

“We do not have any comments on their electoral process,” she stated, highlighting that it would be premature to extend congratulations before the new government is officially sworn in.

Ms. Baloch further elaborated on Pakistan’s stance, affirming the nation’s consistent pursuit of cooperative relations and constructive dialogue with India. She emphasized the resolution of all outstanding issues, including the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, through peaceful means.

India, on its part, has maintained a stance of openness to dialogue with Pakistan while emphasizing the need for addressing terrorism. Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized earlier this year that while India remains open to talks, terrorism should be at the forefront of discussions, reflecting the importance of addressing security concerns in any bilateral engagement.

As India prepares for a new government under PM Modi’s leadership, the nuanced dynamics between the two neighboring nations continue to shape regional geopolitics, with dialogue and diplomacy holding the potential for fostering stability and cooperation in the region.

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