June 18, 2024

CISF Constable Arrested for Allegedly Slapping Kangana Ranaut

CISF Constable Arrested for Allegedly Slapping Kangana Ranaut

Summary: A CISF constable was arrested for allegedly slapping Kangana Ranaut at the Chandigarh airport, triggered by Ranaut’s past comments on farmers. The incident, captured on video, sparked controversy. Ranaut addressed the issue, expressing concern over rising terrorism in Punjab. Her previous remarks labeling protestors as “terrorists” had drawn criticism. The arrest highlights the importance of responsible discourse.

In a startling development, a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable, Kulwinder Kaur, has been arrested for allegedly slapping Bollywood actor and newly-elected Mandi MP, Kangana Ranaut, at the Chandigarh airport. The incident, which occurred on Thursday, has garnered widespread attention, prompting swift action against the accused constable.

Kaur’s actions were reportedly triggered by an old statement made by Ranaut regarding farmers. Referring to Ranaut’s remarks during the farmers’ protest in 2020, Kaur expressed her discontent, citing her mother’s participation in the protests. Ranaut’s controversial comments had sparked outrage at the time, leading to their subsequent deletion.

The altercation between Ranaut and Kaur unfolded at the security checkpoint of the airport, as captured in a video recorded by onlookers. While the footage doesn’t capture the alleged slap, it shows a heated exchange between the two parties before Ranaut is escorted away from the scene.

Ranaut later addressed the incident through a video message, recounting the events at the security check-in and expressing concern over rising terrorism in Punjab. Her previous comments on the farmers’ protest, particularly labeling protestors as “terrorists,” had stirred controversy and drawn criticism from various quarters.

The farmers’ protest, which gained significant traction both nationally and internationally, became a contentious issue, with Ranaut often voicing her dissent and questioning the legitimacy of the agitation. Her stance led to confrontations during her campaign, including a blockade of her convoy by agitators in Chandigarh.

The arrest of the CISF constable underscores the gravity of the incident and highlights the repercussions of resorting to physical altercation. As the investigation progresses, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between freedom of expression and the need for responsible discourse in public spaces.

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