June 18, 2024
fintech startup revolutionizing the financial industry with innovative digital solutions. Specializing in seamless payment systems, personalized financial management, and advanced blockchain technology, META empowers users with secure and efficient financial tools. By leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, META enhances user experience and provides insightful financial advice, making finance more accessible and user-friendly for individuals and businesses alike.

A fintech startup is a company that leverages technology to provide innovative financial services and products. These startups often aim to disrupt traditional financial systems by offering faster, more convenient, and cost-effective solutions to consumers and businesses. Whether it’s mobile payment apps, peer-to-peer lending platforms, robo-advisors for investment management, or blockchain-based solutions for secure transactions, fintech startups are reshaping the landscape of finance. With a focus on user experience, efficiency, and transparency, these companies are attracting significant investment and gaining traction in global markets, challenging established financial institutions and driving forward the evolution of the industry.


  • Overview: Paytm is a versatile digital wallet and payment platform that offers services like mobile recharge, money transfers, bill payments, travel bookings, and online shopping.
  • Innovation: Paytm pioneered the concept of a one-stop-shop for digital payments and financial services in India, integrating banking, insurance, and investment solutions into its platform.
  • Impact: It has revolutionized the digital payment landscape in India, significantly increasing the adoption of cashless transactions and financial inclusion across the country.
LocationNoida, India
InvestorsT. Rowe Price, SVB, and 86 others
Tracxn Score90/100
Competitors1 of 471
Paytm Details in Table
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  • Overview: ACKO provides a digital insurance platform for various categories such as automobiles, health, and electronics, focusing on ease of purchase, administration, and claims.
  • Innovation: ACKO disrupted the traditional insurance model by offering fully digital, hassle-free insurance policies and claim processes, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork.
  • Impact: It has made insurance more accessible and affordable for millions of Indians, improving the penetration of insurance products in the market.
LocationBengaluru, India
StageSeries E
InvestorsCPP Investments, General Atlantic, and 40 others
Tracxn Score87/100
Competitors1 of 32
ACKO Details in Table
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  • Overview: PhonePe is a UPI-based payment solution that facilitates bill payments, mobile recharges, online shopping, and money transfers, supporting transactions through QR codes.
  • Innovation: PhonePe leveraged the UPI framework to create a seamless and secure payment system, allowing users to transact directly from their bank accounts.
  • Impact: It has played a crucial role in promoting digital payments in India, contributing to the government’s push towards a cashless economy.
LocationBengaluru, India
InvestorsGeneral Atlantic, Tencent, and 23 others
Tracxn Score86/100
Competitors2 of 253
PhonePe Details in Table
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4.Pine Labs

Overview: Pine Labs offers payment solutions including POS systems, working capital loans, and loyalty programs for businesses, supporting various payment methods.

Innovation: Pine Labs introduced sophisticated POS solutions that integrate payment processing with analytics and financial services, enhancing business efficiency.

Impact: It has enabled thousands of businesses to streamline their payment processes and access necessary financial services, driving growth and operational efficiency.

LocationNoida, India
StageSeries F
InvestorsInvesco, Temasek, and 189 others
Tracxn Score85/100
Competitors1 of 283
Pine Labs Details in Table
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  • Overview: CRED is a reward-based platform for paying credit card bills, allowing users to earn and redeem points for various rewards while managing their credit scores.
  • Innovation: CRED introduced a gamified approach to credit card bill payments, encouraging timely payments through a reward system and providing insights into credit health.
  • Impact: It has encouraged better financial habits among credit card users and increased awareness about credit scores and financial management.
LocationBengaluru, India
StageSeries F
InvestorsInsight Partners, General Catalyst, and 82 others
Tracxn Score83/100
Competitors1 of 5
CRED Details in Table
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  • Overview: Razorpay provides payment gateway solutions, corporate credit cards, and working capital loans for businesses, supporting multiple payment methods.
  • Innovation: Razorpay developed a comprehensive suite of payment solutions that cater to both online and offline businesses, simplifying payment processing and financial management.
  • Impact: It has empowered businesses of all sizes to easily accept payments and manage their finances, fostering entrepreneurial growth and digital commerce.
LocationBengaluru, India
StageSeries F
InvestorsTCV, Salesforce Ventures, and 32 others
Tracxn Score82/100
Competitors2 of 220
Razorpay Details in Table
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7.Digital Insurance

  • Overview: Digit Insurance offers a digital platform for various insurance products including auto, health, and travel insurance, with a focus on simplified claims processing.
  • Innovation: Digit Insurance streamlined the insurance buying and claiming process through digital tools and user-friendly interfaces, making insurance more transparent and customer-centric.
  • Impact: It has increased the accessibility and efficiency of insurance services, contributing to greater insurance penetration in India.
LocationBengaluru, India
InvestorsPeak XV Partners, TVS Capital Funds, and 10 others
Tracxn Score82/100
Competitors2 of 11
Digital Insurance Details in table
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  • Overview: FreeCharge is a digital wallet that facilitates payments for mobile recharges, utility bills, and money transfers, supporting various payment methods.
  • Innovation: FreeCharge made digital payments easy and convenient by integrating a wide range of payment services into a single mobile app, enhancing user experience.
  • Impact: It has popularized digital payments among a broad user base, supporting the shift towards a digital economy.
LocationGurugram, India
InvestorsPeak XV Partners, Innoven Capital, and 8 others
Tracxn Score82/100
Competitors3 of 261
FreeCharge Details in Table
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  • Overview: BharatPe provides QR code-based payment solutions for consumers and businesses, enabling easy payments for a variety of services and offering loans.
  • Innovation: BharatPe simplified merchant payments by using interoperable QR codes, allowing small businesses to accept digital payments without additional infrastructure.
  • Impact: It has empowered small businesses to adopt digital payments, contributing to financial inclusion and the digital transformation of commerce.
LocationNew Delhi, India
StageSeries E
InvestorsSequoia Capital, Insight Partners, and 55 others
Tracxn Score81/100
Competitors1 of 29
Bharatpe Details in Table
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Overview: Kissht offers a marketplace for credit line loans to consumers and small businesses, including personal loans and buy now pay later options.

Innovation: Kissht introduced an entirely online loan application and disbursal process, utilizing digital KYC for quick and hassle-free access to credit.

Impact: It has provided flexible and accessible financing options to underserved consumers and small businesses, supporting financial inclusion and economic growth.

LocationMumbai, India
StageSeries E
InvestorsInnoven Capital, Ventureast, and 38 others
Tracxn Score81/100
Competitors1 of 224
Kissht Details in Table
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FAQ on Top 10 Fintech Startups in India

Q1. What are the top 10 fintech startups in India in 2024?

The top 10 fintech startups in India as of 2024 are Razorpay, Paytm, PhonePe, Cred, PolicyBazaar, Groww, Zerodha, BharatPe, Pine Labs, and Lendingkart.

Q2. What is Razorpay and what services does it offer?

Razorpay provides comprehensive payment gateway solutions including payment integration, recurring payments, instant settlements, and customizable payment pages for businesses.

Q3. How does Paytm contribute to the fintech ecosystem?

Paytm enhances the fintech ecosystem by offering mobile payments, banking services through Paytm Payments Bank, mutual funds and investment options via Paytm Money, along with e-commerce and bill payment services.

Q4. What makes PhonePe a popular choice for payments?

PhonePe’s popularity stems from its easy UPI interface for instant bank transfers, support for multiple payment methods, and integration with various services for bill payments, recharges, and online shopping.

Q5. What unique services does Cred offer?

Cred rewards users for timely credit card bill payments, provides exclusive offers and discounts, and offers a platform to track and manage multiple credit cards efficiently.

Q6. Why is PolicyBazaar important in the insurance sector?

PolicyBazaar simplifies the insurance process by comparing policies from various providers, offering a wide range of insurance products, and providing expert advice and customer support.

Q7. How does Groww facilitate investment?

Groww enables users to invest in mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, and digital gold through a user-friendly app and website, complemented by educational content and tools for informed investment decisions.

Q8. What sets Zerodha apart in the brokerage industry?

Zerodha stands out with its low-fee discount brokerage services, robust trading platform (Kite), educational resources (Varsity), and innovative products like smallcase for theme-based investing.

Q9. How does BharatPe support merchants?

BharatPe supports merchants with QR code-based payment solutions, business loans, credit facilities, merchant accounts, and POS devices, facilitating seamless financial transactions.

Q10. What solutions does Pine Labs provide to merchants?

Pine Labs provides POS terminals for card and digital payments, merchant financing, EMI solutions, and tools for managing loyalty programs and gift cards.

Q11. How does Lendingkart assist SMEs?

Lendingkart offers quick access to working capital loans for SMEs, using a data-driven credit evaluation process and flexible repayment options to support business growth.

Q12. What are the growth prospects for fintech startups in India?

The fintech sector in India is poised for significant growth due to increasing smartphone and internet usage, government initiatives like Digital India, and a growing preference for digital financial services among consumers and businesses.

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